May 24, 2022

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Collective action | Compensation should be paid to ex-prisoners for illegal strip searches

Collective action |  Compensation should be paid to ex-prisoners for illegal strip searches

Former inmates can now claim $ 1,000 for a “disgraceful and unjust” search, thanks to class action, when those searched in the strip jail were simply released by the court. But time will fly to get compensation, the supervisor of the action warned.

Florence Morin-Martel

Florence Morin-Martel

Speaking about the four strip searches during the period covered from July 13, 2006 to July 1, 2006, Steve Quirion said, “I feel my rights have been violated.”Is July 2011. “When I got back to jail, I realized they were looking for me,” explained a second person currently in the therapy house. But when I went out, I didn’t understand it. ”

Mr. Sylvie Bordelis, vice-president of the Quebec Prison Bar Association, explains that along with the Quirion‌, the collective action of those who searched the strip by anyone when it came to regaining their personal influence in prison was a matter of concern and after it was released by the court. (AAADCQ). Since these people were searched the morning before they appeared in court and they are now free, the practice is said to be “unfair” and “degrading.”Me Bordelize.

Collective action only affects inmates released on parole, says Kevin Adou, supervisor of the appeal. Relevant individuals can claim $ 1,000 per search per day. The compensation is due to an agreement approved by the Superior Court on April 19, which requires the government to pay $ 4,144,950. Rivier-des-Prairies, Roberwall, Saint-Jerome, Bordeaux and Quebec (men’s sector) prisons were targeted.

Psychological Sequel

Years later, Mr. Quirion recalled the experience he had after searching the strip. “Why are you doing this to me, laughing at me?” He was shocked then. Will they harm me? ”

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For Nicholas Paquin, who says he has faced a similar situation three or four times, these strip searches have made him feel “nothing less”.

Not to mention the lack of awareness. “I thought to myself: Do they think I’m going to steal toilet paper? Jokes Mr. Paquin.

These excavations leave “psychological consequences,” Kevin Adou argues. “Most of the injured are people,” he continues. But to receive compensation, time is running out, Mr. Ado said. The claim period, which started last July, ends on January 16. Until then, he wants to reach as many people as possible affected by these illegal practices.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Lapress

Nicholas Paquin, former prisoner

Question “degradation” gestures

The court ruled in favor of Roger Leonard, who led the class action after the prison strip was searched when he was free, and these actions should no longer take place in principle, Kevin Adou explained.

While Steve Quirion says he is likely to be compensated, he is outraged that people like him have been implicated in these illegal strip searches. Especially since some of the people involved are vulnerable, he adds. “It happened to me and I was in my head,” he said. Imagine people with mental illness and people who eat wool on their backs. ”

M.Me Bordelis wants collective action to change mentalities in the prison environment in the long run.

The Correctional Officers Association did not respond to the interview request of Tap.

Anyone who believes they are entitled to compensation can complete the claim form at the following address: Get one from Claims Manager by calling or 1-888-FOUILLE (368-4553).

10 000 $

The maximum amount an individual can claim in class action for illegal strip searches

Source: Association of Social Rehabilitation Services of Quebec (ASRSQ)