May 24, 2022

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Municipal elections | Nearly thirty new recounts were requested

Municipal elections |  Nearly thirty new recounts were requested

At least 28 legal recounts were requested in close or impossible cases to determine the results, showing the compiled information Tap.

Arian Kroll

Arian Kroll

Henry Ouellette-Vézina

Henry Ouellette-Vézina

Since requests must be made in the legal district falling under the municipality, there is no centralized comprehensive list, we told the Quebec court.

However, the court reported at least 25 cases, including all posts and districts, by the end of Thursday. We identified at least three, one in Outremont Town Hall and the other in Tetraultville District.

The request for these last two cases was filed in the Montreal Court of the Valerie Plante Party Project, confirmed by Montreal Mayor Yusuf Amane, Director of Media Relations. Tap Thursday.

In the outreach, Laurent Desbois, the mayor of the ensemble Montreal, won just 23 votes over outgoing mayor Philip Tomlinson, who appears in the colors of Project Montreal.

“Are there any irregularities? We’re really studying different angles with Election Montreal,” the mayor backed earlier Thursday, saying, “Even in Tetreltville, it’s hard to be considered.”

Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve In the borough district of Tetreltville, Councilor Suzie Miron – Julian Honald-Ratelle, who was president of the Municipal Council before the election call – lost by just over 40 votes. Denise Koderre team.

Requests have also been made for two councilor positions in Mont-Royal and six other positions in the Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudier-Labelle areas, the Court of Quebec reported.

Elsewhere in the province, new counts have been requested for mayoral positions in Montpellier, Autouis, as well as Havelock, Monterey, Havelock, Saint-Blaise-Sir-Richelieu and Saint-Matthew.

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Beaten in the throat

In Montpellier, Denise Tossy, who lost by a vote to outgoing mayor Stefan Segwin, approved his request for a legal recount on Thursday. The court held that it was justified by certain irregularities reported by the candidate, including two lost ballots and another surplus. Judicial recounting will take place next Monday. “I am doing this out of respect for the people […] And for democracy, ”Mr. Tassey told us, referring to his 366 voters who lost their election by one vote.

The outgoing mayor, Georges-Henry Parentou, was struck by a voice by Mary Leville in Saint-Gerrard-Mazella, near Sorrell. However, he withdrew after requesting a recount. “The lawyer I contacted charged me $ 9,000. That’s what I earn per year in the municipality!”, He explained to us on Thursday. Mr. Parenteau, 75, retired, served as mayor for 4 years after serving as a councilor for 12 years.

In Saint-Anselme, Bellechasse, candidate Roach Roy, who lost by 11 votes to outgoing mayor Yves Tarzan, also dropped a request that was considered due to costs and reports. Southern tone.

In Saint-Gédéon, Lac-Saint-Jean, Jacob Coulomb, who lost by seven votes to the outgoing mayor, Emile Hoodan, withdrew his request on Thursday on the advice of his lawyer after receiving explanations that he had committed irregularities. . “It doesn’t affect my desire to get into politics in any way,” the 27-year-old farmer told us.

In Sainte-Julienne, Lanaudière, the outgoing mayor, Jean-Pierre Charon, who lost by 17 votes to Richard Desormiers, also announced that a request would be considered, with nothing coming to the municipality Thursday morning.

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Tide candidates

At least two municipalities, Saint-Onésime-d’Ixworth and Sainte-Luce, both in Boss-Saint-Laurent‌, found themselves with candidates who had collected the same number of votes for the councilor position.

If the result is a tie even after judicial recounting, the winner will be determined by tying the lots.

“It’s in the law. They put two names in one dish, and Judge Freelance,” explains Nancy Lizot, president of the Saint-Onesim election.

Most municipalities imposed a restriction Thursday night, as candidates have four days to request a recount after the vote count is over.

A tight result is not enough. The applicant must convince the judge that there are reasonable grounds to believe the irregularities.

If the winner remains the same after recounting, the applicant must bear the costs. “Otherwise, the judge will decide who will pay,” we told Elections Quebec.