May 19, 2022

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Sylvain Larrock: A political comedian

Sylvain Larrock: A political comedian

Comedian Sylvain Larrock, who was created by Catherine Fournier to compete as a municipal councilor in Langueil, won in the Saint-Charles district. The man who wants to continue his work as a comedian has admitted that he will be “busy for the next few weeks”.

Sylvain Larrock never thought seriously about getting into politics. Since he had mutual friendships with Catherine Fournier, the comedian offered his services to assist him in writing his speeches. The future mayor of Langueil has another one on his mind.

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Last spring, shortly after announcing her candidacy, Catherine Fournier invited comedian to go for coffee.

“That’s where she told me: Sylvain, I want to introduce you as a municipal councilor,” he said. Journal. Truth be told, if it was anyone other than Catherine, I would say no. But I believe it. There is nothing in that party’s views [Coalition Longueuil] It does not agree with me. “

A week after the idea, Sylvain Larrock agreed to join the 29-year-old politician. Over the next few months, he knocked on thousands of doors. All of these, at the same time, keep giving comedy shows.

The 54-year-old artist’s efforts paid off, and he was easily elected last Sunday with 2,200 votes in his district. His opponents together received less than 1900 votes. Catherine Fournier and her Coalition Language Party created a wave by electing everyone except one candidate for councilor.

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“I think the people of Langueil are fed up with the old Bell-Tower wars that have been going on for a long time,” Sylvain Larrock said. There was a lot of vulgarity. We came up with really fresh air. “

Last year, Guy Nantel worked briefly in politics without winning an election. According to Sylvain Larrock, his comedian colleague made the mistake of trying to compete directly as party leader.

“Despite the respect I have for the guy – he’s a brilliant guy and an amazing comedian – he must have done the field job that everyone in this profession does a little or at least symbolically.”

Sylvain Larocque plans to devote twenty hours a week to his new consultant position, whose annual salary is approximately $ 45,000 in Longueil. “I want to give back to the community,” he said. But I also save time for writing and doing stand-ups. “

“It made my campaign as a comedian easier. People recognized me and opened the door to me more easily. “

“For me, municipal politics is a stand-up comedy for democracy and the performing arts. Because in stand-up, unlike theater and music, we have a direct connection with people. “

“I want to save time for writing and doing stand-ups. It is also my basis and my income. I am not paying my mortgage with the policy. “

‘I have increased respect for politicians again. I have been joking about them for years. But it was ungrateful for the work. And it’s hard. “

-Silvine Larrock