May 19, 2022

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Lilliput Quit SK Gaming, Destination MAD Lions Madrid?

Lilliput Quit SK Gaming, Destination MAD Lions Madrid?

When he was announced to play in the Super League 2022 season for MAD Lions Madrid, Lillip officially left his post at SK Gaming. It should be replaced by Treatz.

Direction Spain for Lilip?

le 14 November. 2021

It is now official, SK Gaming has announced the departure of Lilip. Called a reinstatement after the start of the season disaster, German support leaves his post and the Spanish club (at least his academic team) moves towards the MAD Lions. He should be formalized in his new functions in the next few days.

le 8 November. 2021

According to the latest information in the campaign, SK Gaming wants to continue with the key players in its squad for the 2022 LEC season 2021, including Xenox, Jeju and Treatz, so the latter will return to its support position. To complete its lineup for the 2021 season, the German club will hire two new players, Gilius in the Wild and Certus in the Midlane. Ersin “Blue” Goren and Philip Samuel “Lilip” Inglert are both in the beginning; Knowing that the Belgian midfielder will generally be on contract with SK Gaming until the end of the 2022 season, it remains to be seen what will happen to these two competitors.

In the case of Lilliput, according to the information provided by the latter, the MAD Lions, who play in the Spanish League Super League, may join the MAD Lions Madrid’s educational training. The person to come. Appointed as a nominal support of the academic team by SK Gaming in December 2020, Lillip joined the first team in the final transfer window a few weeks before the start of the summer season; After finishing sixth in the Spring Split, the German club management chose to make some changes in its workforce, the options were very critical and ultimately had a devastating effect on the lineup. TynX was removed from the starting five and replaced by Team Support Treats. As for the support position, it was first given to Jesse, the head coach, a few weeks after he was replaced by Lillippe a few weeks after the team’s most disastrous start to the summer split.

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The latest news is that Treatz has to renew his contract with SK Gaming‌ and return to his original support duties; Several teams were interested in the competitor’s profile and therefore contacted him, but according to the latest rumors, Treatz has finally decided to stay with SK Gaming to continue playing in Europe.

So Lillippe has no choice but to find a new team for the 2022 season and his contract usually expires on November 15, which allowed him to explore his options next year. If his recruitment is confirmed by MAD Lions Madrid, he will be replaced by Denik as Norwegian player Tor “Tor” Hoyle Ilertsen, who was part of the Excel squad at the LEC between 2019 and 2021. Lilliput is not the only Lionel Madrid signing for the 2022 Super League season, as the Spanish team could also welcome UCAM Sports Club teammate Mike “Hades” Jonker.