May 18, 2022

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Michael Rousseau betrayed the English!

The Air Canada language controversy has caught the attention of the Washington Post

Have you read Letter signed by Robert Libman Newspaper, Last week?

The former leader of the Equality Party and former mayor of C కోట్te d’Ivoire said that the Anglophones in Quebec were as angry as the francophones on Michael Rousseau.

Because Air Canada’s Big Boss, by refusing to speak French, gave a very bad picture of the Anglophones in Quebec, Mr. According to Libman – everyone is bilingual.

Well kept secret

At the risk of surprising you, I agree with Robert Libman.

I believe the Anglophones in Quebec are very angry at Michael Rousseau.

Not because Air Canada’s monolingual boss gave “a bad image to their community”.

But because he discovered one of the best kept secrets of English speakers in Quebec – that means you can spend your whole life in Montreal without speaking a French word!

Everyone who speaks English knows this! For decades! But they did not say it, for fear of alerting the defenders of Bill 101 and the awakening of the nationalist beast!

That is their secret …

They exchanged (whispered) at their homes in Kirkland, Cote d’Ivoire or Westmount.

Do you speak French today?

– No !!!! Not a damn word! No need to do! ⁇

Then they read a history Montreal Gazette Saying that the English in Quebec were in danger, they laughed until they cried.


But Michael Rousseau says! Everyone! In front of the TV!

To make his finad!

The secret is out!

And the nationalists came out of their torpor demanding strict language laws!

Now it’s SNC-Lavalin’s Big Boss turn to take it all in!

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All monolingual English speaking officers come! One after another!

Because Michael Rousseau could not control himself!

Oh my God! Why, Deva, why? Why could not this man keep his mouth shut?

Because of him, we are now in deep shit!

Gone are the good years when English speakers in Quebec could play victim! “Bow how how, our community is melting like snow in the sun! Bow how, you’re using us as a victim while all the remaining English in Quebec speak French as well as Thomas Malcolm! “

This is the end!

Francophones now know the truth!

They know English Is alive and kicking across St-Catherine Street !

Michael, why did you break the silence? Why not say the original?

Did you swear, on a good Saturday morning, in the cellar of the bar on Crescent Street, that your right hand was on Mordecai Richler’s book?

The king is naked!

That is why the Anglo-Saxons in Quebec are angry with the Air Canada boss.

Because it is not possible now to perpetuate the myth of 100% bilingual Anglophone community to any Anglophone.

In Montreal, it’s one thing to say that we can live without speaking a single French word.

We know, French speakers, they are not very crazy about their language …

But an Englishman said there!

Now how to deny this fact?