March 24, 2023

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COVID-19 Prevalence: Senators on Compulsory Leave

COVID-19 Prevalence: Senators on Compulsory Leave

The level of COVID-19 prevalence among Ottawa senators was such that the National Hockey League (NHL) had to take action. The circuit actually postponed the next three episodes of the club to prevent the spread of the disease.

The formation, which has lost a dozen players, has already canceled a flight to New Jersey, where it is scheduled to face the Devils on Tuesday. Home games with the Nashville Predators on Thursday and the New York Rangers on Saturday will also be postponed.

As a precaution, team facilities were also closed until further notice.

There is no excuse

This forced relaxation will be an opportunity to reflect on the team’s recent problems and find some solutions. Head coach DJ Smith’s men finished last in the Atlantic division with a poor 4-10-1 record, having two games against the Montreal Canadians, and seventh with 10 points.

Although it is easy to motivate non-attendees to explain problems at the club, hockey players are called upon to take over, as well as the rest of the organization that is reluctant to hear about it, as well, as little as possible.

“It was mentally difficult because the boys would come here and not know if they would play. It was very distracting. It is very difficult to win in the National League [LNH] Without all the noise and the reality of last minute tests and withdrawals, ”Smith was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Ottawa Sun..

“I’m not apologizing because it’s the NHL and we have to find ways to win, but this time it’s tough.”

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However, for Captain Brady Takachuk, he said, “there are no excuses,” adding that the items in place must work.


Due to the well-being of COVID-19 in the Ottawa squad and the uncertain recovery time of the inactive players, the senators found themselves in a difficult and very precarious situation.

While there have been opportunities for some players to showcase their performance recently, no one is happy to see teammates fall ill.

“It’s unfortunate that our first priority is to keep the boys safe and well. Defender Michael Del Jotto said it was a similar opportunity for the other guys otherwise. When it comes to health and families, you guys want to be the best, but when it comes to hockey and business, this is an opportunity to prove that others can do their job. ”

“I will not sit down and make excuses. It is unfortunate not to be able to build chemistry with the attackers and especially with the partner of the defensive duo, he added. In the first half we gave ourselves a chance to win and we talked about doing the little things right and paying attention to the details to win consistently. This time, we did not have a second engagement. ”

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