May 24, 2022

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Election defeat: Mary-Josie Saward breaks the silence

Election defeat: Mary-Josie Saward breaks the silence

Mary-Josie Sward remained “honored” by the campaign she led and would not change it if it had to be done again.

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Ten days after his heartbreaking defeat, he chose to grant one of his first interviews to Radio X on Wednesday morning as a runner-up to Regis Labum.

On the evening of November 7, she admitted that the course she had been declared the winner for two hours before losing by a few hundred votes was too difficult for her.

It was not a defeat that hurt her colleagues and loved ones so much, she said.

“That’s the way it went,” she says. For a while, it seemed like someone had taken my heart and put it on the counter. ”

She argues that she is better today and that she is not “bitter”.

“I was 99% healed,” she said.

She says she has no regrets. “I’m proud of this election campaign, it’s a campaign that looks like me and is exactly what I wanted.”

More details to come …

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