March 21, 2023

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Trump again in 2024?

Trump again in 2024?

Did you miss Donald Trump? Be prepared, because we have not finished hearing about him.

Democrats who chose Biden as their candidate wanted to block the way for Bernie Saunders, who was also left to run.

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Americans who supported Biden knew they were not voting for an intellectual and political monument.

They wished to return to calm, normalcy, and decency.


In short, Biden’s expectations are low.

However these predictions are also disappointing.

Not only does the man show clear signs of aging, but the conflict, real, is dominated by Democrats.

COVID population tired. Inflation is back. Guns are everywhere.

Is it too much to ask the ruling party to focus on issues of the ordinary world?

Apparently yes.

Noisy minority Got up In the Democratic Party it is important to remove the statues of Abraham Lincoln and define the police.

Next year’s midterm elections look set against Democrats.

This is not unusual, but the loss of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives would completely undermine Biden’s agenda.

Worse, the demographic changes taking place are not good for Democrats.

Over the ages, they have been losing support in rural areas and gaining support in big cities.

The problem is, the concentrated voters in the cities where you won by an overwhelming majority gave you a few seats.

The Republican vote was low nationally, but it was distributed in such a way as to increase the number of seats.

Voters with a college degree are Democrats and non-graduate voters are Republicans.

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However, there are a large number of non-graduates and there always will be.

Democrats have long believed that less educated ethnic minorities could replace it.

But uneducated Hispanics are leaning towards Trump in a surprising proportion in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is in the Trump administration more than ever.

Not only does he have control over the plane, Republican voters do not seem to want to get away from him. Quite the opposite.

A recent Marist College poll for NPR and PBS shows how much Republican sympathizers swallowed his forgetfulness.

Two-thirds of Republicans said they had no faith or confidence that the election would be fair.

Three out of four Republicans believe it is right for Trump to challenge the 2020 election results.

Only one in three Republicans says they are confident of 2024 results (compared to 82% of Democratic voters).


All of these illustrate the scene that can be captured as follows:

Trump looks eager to be a candidate and it is hard to see which Republican nomination will be snatched from him.

Want revenge if you win.

If he loses, he will cheat and most of his voters will believe him.