September 29, 2022

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CF Montreal Canadian Champion

CF Montreal Canadian Champion

CF Montreal won the second consecutive championship, beating Toronto FC 1-0 at Stade Saputo this afternoon.

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This is the fifth coronation for Montreal, which has won four titles over Toronto.

It was a small lobe on goalkeeper Quentin Westberg that allowed Rommel Quito to score the only goal of the game in ’72.E Minute.

Quito was named Player of the Game for his sword between his teeth, while Montreal goalkeeper Sebastian Breza received the tournament MVP award.

This victory will allow CF Montreal to take part in the CONCACAF Champions League next winter.

Signed in Westburg

The Montreallers showed their colors quickly and we can say that the Toronto goaltender Quentin Westberg was strongly influenced by the first half through the game.

He made five saves, including four, at the expense of Rommel Quito, who tested him in the 11th second, after an excellent pass behind the defense by Joaquin Torres.

The big Honduran striker attacked everywhere in the first half, especially settling in the small rectangle in Westburg.

The Montreallers dominated the game: they fired nine shots, including five, at only one in each section for visitors, who missed Alejandro Pozello in the first quarter of the hour due to injury.


The meeting bore a strange resemblance to what happened in Toronto on October 23, when CF Montreal had to settle for a 1-1 draw.

Reality check: Montreal had a better game and took the lead, but Joji Altidore scored (90 + 5) at the break and caused a tie.

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Fortunately, this time the team was able to stand in front of their audience.

“It took a while to score a goal, but I didn’t think my players were in danger, they were in control,” said Wilfried Nancy. The post was there, once we brought good luck on the good side. “

No shooting

Montreal’s collective defensive game had the upper hand over Toronto FC, failing to score a single shot in just four attempts in the game.

At the Montreal camp, we attempted 22 shots, nine of which were on target, with 56.9% possession. CF Montreal is such a good game overall.

What the statistics do not say, however, is that the fort surrendered to about 90E Minute.

In fact, he was a bit busy until then, when goalkeeper Sebastian Breza came out in front of Nick Delion, after which the ball came to the goal mouth without a goalkeeper and hit the Jordan Peruzza post.

Without Saputo

It was very cold, but the sun came up at the beginning of the game to warm up the Saputo Stadium which sounds like it has been a long time since we heard.

From the start, a hundred or more Toronto fans made their voices heard, but local fans eventually gained the upper hand.

But one question remains: Why did the owner, Joey Saputo, choose to attend the Bologna FC match in Italy instead of Montreal for this final?

Judging by the events of the week, it would have been fashionable for the owner to be in the building for the final game of the season.

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8,5 / 10

He had a good half-dozen chances; So that means he’s in the right place and is mostly frustrated with Westberg.8,5 / 10

Very solid as always. He uses his body well to hold and retrieve many balloons.8/10

Defensively another solid performance. Progress continues smoothly.8/10

He is very assertive and Sebastian Breza comes out with a lot of balls from the area. 8/10

Another good match with a fighting spirit in his game; He would not let anything go.7,5 / 10

He enters on the left and brings consistency with good offensive points. 7,5 / 10

  • Lassi Lapplineen

He does a good job of stretching the game and disrupting the opponent’s defensive line.7,5 / 10

He arrives for a short time, but does a very good defensive job of defending the lead. 7,5 / 10

Toronto did not aim the shot, but he was in control of his box.7/10

  • Zachary Bralt-Gillard

Voluntary motivated performance to assist in an attack. He fell into action early in the second half.7/10

  • Matthew Chonier

He spent part of the game with Richie Laria in Powell and played very well so his native was not an easy client.7/10

It doesn’t bite a bit when it comes to shooting or on the last move.7/10

  • George Mikhailovic

He tries a lot of things with different levels of success. He played a good game, but a little less than his usual standard.6,5 / 10

He’s often in a good position, he’s cooperative, but there’s still a lot of ambiguity in his game.



Q. Westberg


R. Laria, J. Dunn, M. Bradley, C. Mavinga, A. Posulo.


M. Delgado, N. Okello (replacing J. Perruzza at 78), J. Osorio.


J. Scheffelberg (78th, N. Delion), D. Dwyer (78th, Y. Soteldo).


Montreal: R. Quito (72nd).


MONTRÉAL: J. Torres (22e). Toronto: R. Laria (36e), Y. Soteldo (57e) M. Delgado (87e).








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