June 7, 2023

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Kovid-19 in Britain: “Record” of closed classes

Kovid-19 in Britain: "Record" of closed classes

According to the Regional Health Agency, the number of closed classes in Britain in the Kovid-19 pandemic has multiplied by five in a one-month period, with the incidence rate increasing by three.

“Degradation confirmed”, Chief of Staff of the Regional Health Agency Anne-Briak Billini. “Incident rate in areas tripled, positivity multiplied by four” In a month. “The fifth wave is definitely in this area”, There are 137 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Britain: whether people are vaccinated or not, “But fortunately hospitalization is not growing so fast”.

Hospitals under stress

And yet, hospitals adapt. It was started by Rennes University Hospital White Plan: “It’s not just Kovid, there’s also periods of seasonal infections: bronchiolitis, a time when emergencies are very busy. We remind you to call 15 and not go straight to the hospital.”

Record of closed classes in Brittany

Fifth wave of schools ? We reach a “Record”, Five times more than a month ago or 248 Friday. But clusters also appear in companies and after private events. From Kovid’s positive case, the class is closed except Morbihan experimenting with another protocol.

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