December 4, 2023

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Discreet and effective real wireless headphones

Discreet and effective real wireless headphones

After the top-of-the-range Galaxy Buds Pro headphones, Samsung is fixing an entry-level upgrade with the Galaxy Buds2, which sold for 149 euros, but is available cheaper at most merchant sites. These models are successful Galaxy Buds 2019, Which thrilled us with almost seven hours of battery life, but disappointed with their sound quality. Did Samsung fix the situation?

IPhone users: Beware! You can pair and use the Galaxy Buds2, but you will not be able to access the advanced features as Samsung does not provide the app for iOS. So it is better to use them on an Android smartphone to install the Galaxy Wearable app.

They are not waterproof

By opening the box, we find earless earphones with an olive shaped design. Once it gets into our ears, headphones are very discreet and can be well replaced. On the other hand, Samsung has downgraded their water resistance with the IPX2 index against IPX7 for Buds Pro. That means not being afraid of rain and not falling into the water. Another disadvantage is that we often activate touch controls by manipulating them to keep them properly in the ears.

Like Buds Pro, Buds 2 takes advantage of two internal speakers to reproduce the bass and treble. Measurement of frequency response shows that headphones give a great position to the bass, but they are not too intrusive when listening and the sound is pleasant and balanced. We can blame it for the lack of a little detail.

The main difference between Buds 2 and the first Buds is the arrival of Active Noise Reduction (ANC), which completes the passive reduction provided by EarTips (you have a choice of three different sizes). The system fulfills its role respectably by drastically reducing low frequencies, but does not provide isolation of high-end models. Headphones have an adjustable level in the app to hear the surrounding sound. These headphones do not have a multipoint Bluetooth, but Samsung does provide an auto switch function that allows you to maintain two active connections on Galaxy devices, for example a smartphone and a tablet and switch between them.

Almost seven hours of battery life

Are Buds 2 as tough as the first Buds? The answer is positive with the autonomy measured at 6 h 54 min, which increases to 7 h 27 min if the noise reduction is reduced. There are two charge level diodes in the case: the inner one is dedicated to the headphones while the outer one is related to the case. The powder is compact in shape, it is compact, but requires two hands to open. Note that this is in line with the Qi wireless charging standard.

Buds 2

Now let us see what are the functions offered by Galaxy Wear App? First of all, it becomes particularly inappropriate because we can not use it without giving a lot of permissions. She must have access to calendar, contacts, text messages, call logs, phone and storage. Fortunately, the app is well designed and easy to use. We especially like the insulation test, which will help you and find out if you have chosen the right sizing tip.

However, the equalizer is limited to pre-defined settings and we want to tune the frequencies more precisely. We loved the dynamic setting that gives more punch to the sound. Another limitation: customization of touch controls. This is for Long Touch only and you have the choice between changing the ANC, activating the assistant voice commands and adjusting the volume. In short, it is impossible to have both volume control and noise reduction at the same time.

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Finally, you can hear the headphones sound like a bluetooth beacon, making them easier to find if you put them on incorrectly and if they are nearby.

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