May 24, 2022

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The Nordic minister has been at work since the summer

The Nordic minister has been at work since the summer

The Nordic Minister, Eric Girard, has been working for months to find investors and persuade them to bring the National Hockey League back to Quebec.

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The Coquist government has been working “since the end of the summer” to get Nordix back. He confirmed this in a short press scrum on Tuesday afternoon. He received the order directly from Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt.

“The message you need to understand first is that the government is in favor of the return of the Nordics and I can tell you in English as well,” the minister said.

Public money

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but are seeking to have his government deal with the CHSLD.

“To tell you that there is no connection between the two,” the minister assured. “Journalists raise the issue with the Prime Minister during the discussion on the formation of the Minor Hockey Committee. ”

Eric Girard did not close the door on a financial partnership from the state to support the return of the NHL team in Capital-National, but without opening its game. Not really in the details, ”he said.

Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon is not so open about injecting public money to help buy a professional sports team.

“We always say the government should create wealth, so I think we should not give money to any sports team. There should be a financial spin-off in general, ”said FitzGibbon. He emphasized that he was a supporter of the Montreal Canadians, but declined to comment further.

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Last week, Prime Minister Franois Legalt mentioned the return of the Nordics and said he had “talked to Gary Betman”.

NHL Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed to SportsNet that no meeting is scheduled at this time, but the company is happy to meet him. “Yes, we still want to meet and talk to each other,” the deputy commissioner wrote.