September 28, 2022

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Ville de Quebec: $ 2.26 million split allowance for outgoing elected officials

Ville de Quebec: $ 2.26 million split allowance for outgoing elected officials

Elected representatives in Quebec will not be left empty-handed if they lose or lose the last election. They divided the total amount of $ 2.26 million into separation and transition allowances.

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It’s $ 265,494 or $ 92,367 divorce allowance and $ 173,127 allowance, after 14 years as former mayor of Quebec, Regis LaBume, as head of city.

In fact, elected officials are entitled to a separation bonus by law “when they cease to be members of the municipality after collecting at least two years of service credited to the pension scheme.” With regard to the transition allowance, the elected official is entitled to it when he ceases to be “a member of the Municipal Council for at least 24 months before the expiration of his term”.


Mary-Josie Saward, who lost as mayor, left with $ 150,899.98 or $ 20,047.98 divorce allowance and $ 130,852 conversion allowance.

In total, 15 elected officials share the envelope designated for this purpose, four of whom have not been re-elected, namely Emily Villeneuve, Suzanne Verrolt, Patrick Pocket and Jean Rousseau. A total of 15 elected officials will benefit from these bonuses as they complete their final order.

Before the end of the command

In 2015, Mayor LaBeouf sought to amend the city policy for the granting of these bonuses, in the event that certain councilors decided to leave during their mandate.

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This is especially based on the position approved by the Board of the Union of Municipalities of Quebec, which is for the principle of revoking any “exit bonus” if an elected official leaves before the end of his or her reasons, except with serious personal motivation.

In 2018, the Quebec government passed a law in this direction. From now on, separation allowance and transition allowance will no longer be provided to elected officers who resign during their tenure.

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