June 28, 2022

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The 2nd edition of the LG “Gaming Tournament” is coming to an end

The 2nd edition of the LG "Gaming Tournament" is coming to an end

LG Electronics Algeria launches second edition LG Gaming Tournament In the month of September, this hybrid gaming tournament was held in two parts, the online part and the offline part. Gaming enthusiasts have the opportunity to live up to their passion by experimenting with one of the best technologies in the world.

The tournament has been held in several stages since last October, with selections starting through online competitions in which 128 players took part. Out of 128 participants, 40 players qualified and were invited to play in the LG brand’s regional showrooms today to hire 16 finalists to compete for the Grand Final at the Marriott Beb Ezouar Hotel or win the tournament winner CX OLED. TV.

Through this LG event, I would like to highlight OLED TV, which is considered to be the most award winning TV in the world and is the best choice for video game lovers with its many options, modules and configuration dedicated to gaming:

Success is in your hands : LG OLED TVs have a very low display log, thanks to the excellent 1ms response time. This ensures that every action in the player’s controller is displayed on the screen instantly, providing a valuable advantage over opponents, as well as a greater chance of success.

Gamer TV : Compatible with G-Sync: Play your games under the right conditions. The first TV compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC, LG OLED was the ultimate choice for your video games. Thanks to G-SYNC, all your PC games are clear and smooth with minimal jerk, display log and flickering. Be on the winning side with a video game optimized TV

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Graphics optimization : HGIG Mode: Immersive HDR Game: HGiG optimizes the graphics of your video games to suit your television specifications and performance. With LG OLED, play a large catalog of games with the confidence that your TV will display every game to its best use.

Unmatched image resolution : LG OLED models

The world’s first televisions to support the spectacular Dolby Vision ® HDR at 4K 120Hz for gaming, offering a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. LG OLED TVs are HDMI 2.1 certified, with support for adapting to changes in VRR * and ALLM * frame rates and to limit screen tearing. Thus motion blur and ghost images are practically eliminated due to dynamic transitions and gameplay, all with the highest possible definition.

Visual convenience: Watch tirelessly: View your content with less blue light and more comfort.

In addition to gaming options, LG OLED televisions have been identified by filmmakers as televisions that provide an accurate picture thanks to OLED technology that sets the benchmark on image and sound quality: self-illuminating pixels

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos : LG OLED TVs

With the newest Dolby Solutions. Dolby Vision IQ optimizes image quality to suit the style of content and the surrounding environment, while Dolby Atmos offers multi-dimensional and immersive sound. It is a powerful combination that provides a more realistic experience while watching a movie.

HDR 10 Pro : It adjusts color and brightness, reveals more details in bright and dark scenes and enhances colors to make everything you see more realistic.

Filmmaker mode: Life comes to the director’s attention. : Filmmaker Mode నమ్మ reliably reproduces the original vision of the filmmaker, so you can enjoy it.

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Automatic setting : Auto calibration facilitates setting for professionals by adjusting the on-screen setting divisions that appear on each TV. This allows you to better enjoy the ultra-realistic quality of the LG OLED