July 5, 2022

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Araneae to join Spanish team Rebels Gaming‌

Araneae to join Spanish team Rebels Gaming‌

After leaving the competition scene for the birth of his son, Arani may return to the League of Legends, part of the Spanish 2nd Division team Rebels Gaming.

Araneae chez Rebels Gaming

Former Spanish-born competitor Alvar “Araneae” Martin Alenor, who joined MAD Lions in August 2017 as head coach for the new summer team, was promoted to the role of general manager of the company in October 2018 and replaced by former CEO. MAD Lions, Sergio Yanez, oversees the day-to-day operations of the structure, mainly coordinating sports and trade. One season later, he returned to the bench and became the head coach of the MAD Lions, then head coach of the MAD Lions Madrid (academic team) when the structure officially joined the LEC League after the capture of Splice by the overactive media. He officially resigned from his duties and MAD Lions in February 2021 after more than three years of good and loyal service.

Since then, Araneae has stayed away from the competition scene, with the Spanish technician taking a leave of absence at the time of his son’s birth, although SK Gaming may have been a former member of Team Alternate, Fenatic or Origen. The way to compete in another Spanish team. According to Upcommer, Arani joins Rebels Gaming, which plays in the Spanish 2nd Division and is considered one of the favorites for the title and promotion in the Super League.

The officialization of the team should take place on November 30, when the club management will have the opportunity to confirm the composition of the team, which should be specifically aligned with Nicolas “Nixerino” Kenellos Colochon as boatman, MVP of the 2021 season. And one of the most consistent and good shooters in the Spanish league.

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