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Genshine Impact Prime Gaming December 2021, How to claim rewards? – Breakflip

Genshine Impact Prime Gaming October 2021, How to claim rewards?  - Breakflip

As with every month, it is possible to collect the Prime Gaming Pack for your GeneShine Impact game account. We will explain how to get December one.

Genshin effect And Amazon has already partnered for a few months to enable players who subscribe to Amazon Prime to receive reward packs for the game account.

As in previous months, you can Get a gift bundle in December And for that you need to follow the instructions we give you below.

How do I claim the December Prime Gaming Reward Bundles for Genshine Impact?

If you want to take advantage of the Prime Gaming offer for Genshine Impact, you need to do this Become an Amazon Prime subscriber and log in to your Amazon account. We remind you of that The subscription is 5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year And a student membership of యూ 24 per year is also available to all students. As soon as you have your Amazon account and membership, you can Do the following steps to get the pack Posted in December:

  • Go to the page dedicated to the Prime Gaming Offer For Genshin Impact (Source)
  • And then click on ” Recover now To get the reward pack you are interested in
  • Then you will receive A code
  • And then go to the dedicated page Discount index On the Genshin Impact website (Source)
  • Choose yours Server, And then select your character in ” Character name
  • Now enter the code you previously got in Prime Gaming in the bar “ Discount index
  • Press last ” Redeem the code Receive your rewards by message in the game
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There you have it, you collected your December Rewards bundle, which includes the first, 60 primo-gems, 8 lessons of the hero and 5 bamboo shoot soup. We remind you of that The code obtained for this pack expires on December 21st.

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