July 5, 2022

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5 Top challenges property managers face

Property management may sound like an easy job, but in reality, it isn’t. Property managers have one of the most challenging jobs ever. To be a competent property manager, you need to have a dynamic skill set that will assist you to execute marketing strategies, think strategically and meet your objectives.

In this article, we discuss five top challenges property managers face.

Growing revenue

All property owners ultimately want to grow revenue, and they anticipate their property managers to be skilled enough to come up with useful strategies to assist. But each property has its challenges.

For example, if the property is dated and really needs remodeling, increasing rent may be impossible, unless the property owner agrees to do some touch-ups. But convincing the owner to do this on a property that does not bring enough profits is a hard and often unattainable endeavor.

In addition, the amenities in the neighborhood, the location, and many other elements beyond the manager’s control can impact profit margins.

Acquiring and keeping quality tenants

Attracting and keeping quality tenants continues to be the most challenging aspect of a property manager’s job. They will need to be both strategic and creative to come up with targeted marketing strategies that will make sure they attract the kind of tenant they want.

In this instance, their judgment is crucial, especially during the tenant screening process. Property managers are also responsible for drafting contracts that have mutual benefits for both the tenant’s stay and the owner’s financial goals. Even condominium property management companies in scarbrough can help you attract and retain the right kind of tenants.

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Managing unexpected costs

Whenever normal maintenance tasks are not a problem, unexpected repair needs can become very pricy. Unplanned maintenance and property damage can be the most challenging tasks to attend to for property managers.

This is because scaling the damage can be hard and being unable to project the amount of money that will go into repairs can be frustrating. Controlling the unknown can be a key challenge because preparing for it is next to impossible, as a property manager you can’t set aside an accurate budget for it even though you are expected to garner your expertise and do so.

Managing time

Property managers who look after many properties usually find it hard to divide their time equally among each property. This is when they ignore estates they don’t see as profitable compared to others, which can lead to big problems in the future.

Properties that are neglected usually have higher operational costs which lowers rent and makes the property counter-efficient for the owner and property manager.

Dropping operating costs

Property management calls for you to be hands-on. It demands managers make regular visits to designated properties to make sure maintenance is up to date, rent is collected, and that tenant complaints are attended to.

Although this is important, the process that increases operating costs drastically as property managers will have to bear the cost of increased fuel expenses. Changing to property management software seems like the best solution but getting everyone on board can be a problem. Especially because not all tenants are tech-savvy.

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In essence, a massive chunk of a property manager’s job entails managing expenses, decreasing the likelihood of damages. But the truth is most of these matters are beyond their control. So property management companies work around the clock to overcome these challenges no matter how hard it may be.