March 25, 2023

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CH: Five players at risk of trading

CH: Five players at risk of trading

Now that Mark Bergewin is no longer the team’s general manager, the Montreal Canadians will logically make some changes before the end of this season.

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Here is a list of five players who have qualified for full autonomy who can help another squad in the coming months.

Martin Aller / Journal of Montreal

Veteran defender Ben Chiarot is probably the best bargaining chip for a Canadian. With the final year of the three-year contract, with an average salary of $ 3.5 million, Chiarrot is likely to attract a number of teams with the goal of participating in the next playoffs. With good structure, he made a proud contribution to CH in the last series, then becoming the most used player with an average of 25 minutes and 15 seconds per game. In 22 playoff games, he also led the team in body checks (88) and blocked shots (48).

Martin Chevalier / JdeM

Brett Kulak is a man who can add great depth to the Blue Line without completely changing the team’s defensive squad. With an annual salary of $ 1.85 million, it is a low-cost solution for the team working to reach the salary limit. Like Ben Chiarot, Kulak is set to become an unlimited free agent in July 2022.

Martin Chevalier / JdeM

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Quebec striker Cedric Paquette has already lifted the Stanley Cup in 2020 with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He also has a total of 95 games of playoff experience in the National Hockey League. After signing a $ 950,000 one-year deal with the Canadians before the start of this season, the Montreal club could very well allow him to make a late selection for the next draft.

Martin Chevalier / JdeM

Used regularly in power play with Canadians, Chris Weidmann does not have that luxurious game with any of the top clubs in the National Hockey League. Despite all that, it has been said that the hockey team has never been deep enough in the Blue Line. In his case, however, CH did not expect a large return when the transaction took place.


Canadian fans probably would not expect to see Matthew Perrolt leave the Bell Center on October 23 with a hat-trick. Since then, the Quebec striker has been injured and has been limited to eight games with the Hobbs so far. Perrolt’s versatility can attract another club, however, just like his experience. The risk is calculated based on his salary of $ 950,000.