March 25, 2023

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[EN IMAGES] Violent Interventions: Compromised images are added to the SPVQ

[EN IMAGES] Violent Interventions: Compromised images are added to the SPVQ

Images of suspicious interventions accumulate at the SPVQ, but are still part of the investigation process of a third video management with an already suspended agent. And according to our information, at least another video may be added soon.

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This third video, which has no date but appears to have happened a few weeks ago, shows an officer threatening a man with his car.

“Do I want to scratch my ostia for you?” కారు A few seconds before a car belonging to the Police Department (SPVQ) in Quebec City violently pushed him against a patrol, a police officer stressed the man.

The short video provides no context for the intervention, but footage from the two controversial first interventions in Dagobert and Portofino has been widely shared on social media since its publication.

The GRIPP Squad, trained to intervene in bars, is still involved.

SPVQ management on Wednesday confirmed that it had “created awareness about the content in the video” from the events of the weekend.

“This new video is part of the investigation,” said Sandra Dion, spokeswoman.

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Will another video come out?

These images only show an agent directly involved in the dispute. The latter is already in suspension, management confirms.

“I can assure you that this police officer is one of five suspended,” said Sandra Dion, referring to the first incident, the pay-as-you-go fines for violently arresting a black teenager during the night. Friday to Saturday in Grande Alley.

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According to information received by Newspaper, The suspicious agent is said to have been involved in three cases that came up in the media since the weekend and a fourth case.

SPVQ investigators are scheduled to meet today with people involved in another violent arrest in October. According to sources, there are videos related to this other intervention and will be submitted for analysis.

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Pride, but not aggression

Meanwhile, a full video of the intervention of GRIPP agents was unveiled at Portofino last Friday evening.

The person involved in the footage was chatting animated with police, but did not attempt to attack them.

Jean-Philippe Saint-Laurent may seem arrogant at times, but he does not appear in the video pushing agents.

At a certain moment we see him circling and he falling backwards on the bench. Lying on his back, he calls out to the officers, pointing with his finger, but without touching them. An agent drops him to the ground, where he is severely beaten.

“At one point I wondered if they were going to kill me there. I’m knocking and you do not know when it will stop, ”he said Journal M. Saint-Laurent Tuesday.