March 27, 2023

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Canadian GM: Pat Brissen is well known among his colleagues

Canadian GM: Pat Brissen is well known among his colleagues

Montreal – If Jeff Gorton wants to hire a player’s agent to lead Canadian hockey operations, the best candidate he has is Pat Brison.

This is the conclusion of an internal survey of 20 French – speaking agents recognized by the National Hockey League’s Association of Players.

Half of the agents surveyed by RDS agreed to answer this question via email and on anonymous terms: In your opinion, which member of your fraternity has the profile that best fits the standards set by Geoff Molson and Jeff Gorton for GM position in Montreal? Defendants may not nominate a colleague from their own agency and may nominate more than one candidate.

Seven of our speakers mentioned Brissen, who runs the hockey division of the influential Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Los Angeles.

Montreal Kent Hughes, whose name is largely associated with Gorton standards, has returned four times.

“One name: Pat Brison,” said one of our volunteers.

“I really think Pat Brison is a good candidate,” laughed another. I’ve heard other names circulating through various agencies, but some of them are less and less active so the profile we are looking for does not really exist. “

“Unlike people like Pat Bryson and Kent Hughes, I have not seen a French-speaking Quebec agent, he has the making or presence of this character,” shared another voice who joined the conversation.

Supporter of Brissen’s candidacy stated that he could not see himself working under Jeff Gorton on CH’s company chart, “but as a CEO”. In the same vein, this source describes Kent Hughes as “efficient, intelligent, somewhat reserved” while at the same time emphasizing the loyal relationship he has formed over the years with Gorton.

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From the left field

The name Emily Costongue from the pen of this speaker only appears during our workout. Representative of Alexis Lafrenier and Mary-Philip Pauline, in particular, is the only woman certified as an agent by AJLNH. She is considered a rising star in her field and fits the desire for diversity mentioned by Geoff Molson at the press conference.

“In her mid-thirties, the intelligent, ambitious” she learns at high speed as a mentor to Jeff Gorton. I will definitely interview her, ”said our anonymous observer.

Other less traditional options have emerged from our research. The name of Robert Saw (66) was raised as an opportunity. “I do not believe there is a Quebec agent who is fully prepared to become the GM of Montreal Canadians, the author of this proposal added outside the left field. But with the support of Jeff Gorton, it does not matter who gets the job.”

Philip, son of Robert Saw, stood out in our efforts. Also mentioned once was New Brunswicker Alain Roy, who counted Nico Hischier, Philip Grobauer and Jake Allen among his clients.

In the responses we have received, two suggest that Gorton and his research committee members are looking elsewhere. “Seriously, I have nothing against the Brotherhood, but if I were Molson, I would not consider anything,” he said sharply.

“Young wolves” and “little old men”

Our most talked about participants’ bank of potential candidates was divided into three groups: “young wolves”, “adults” and “effective”.

Regarding young people who cut their teeth professionally, our secret analyst clearly believes that “few have been in their current position for a long time to become Canadian’s next GM”. Lack of knowledge and poor qualification in negotiations, the fetus of their contact network, ”he argues.

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Our man is less lenient towards his experienced colleagues. “With two or three players on their belts, they do nothing to boost their business and take care of their last players before retirement. The position of CEO is definitely the most demanding for their agenda. “

So the CH man hides in the third group, he ends up with a warning. “They are ready for the job in question. On the other hand, are they ready to leave their players and their company and the dollars that come with it, to become the GM of Canadians? I doubt it. All the arrested agents say: “If the big club calls me, I will listen”. They call it a Stunt Free marketing, but none of them really intend to take the leap for the reasons mentioned above. “