March 27, 2023

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Children with asthma and Kovid-19: a factor in hospitalization?

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While 5E The Covid-19 pandemic wave continues to grow in France and health protocol schools have been upgraded to level 3, with younger children receiving general attention. What if children with Kovid-19-infected asthma are more likely to be hospitalized than children without asthma? A recent Scottish study published in the journal suggests the same. Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Children with asthma and Kovid-19

Faced with the urgent need to provide answers on whether children with asthma should be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, Scottish researchers wanted to identify children with asthma for the serious consequences associated with Kovid-19.

Between 1Is In March 2020 and July 27, 2021, they conducted a study of 752,867 Scottish children aged 5 to 17 years with Kovid-19. They then The frequency of hospitalization for Kovid-19 in children with asthma and non-asthma has been compared.

The risk of hospitalization increases

Scientists have found that children with Kovid-19 are more likely to be hospitalized than children without asthma Asthma sufferers. Hospitalization rates for children with asthma are higher (1.54% for those with asthma and 0.95% for others) and are proportional to the severity of their asthma (3 to 6 times higher depending on the severity).Asthma)

This difference is even more pronounced in children with the most severe asthma. Therefore, children who have already been hospitalized for their asthma have a significantly higher risk of hospitalization associated with Kovid-19 compared to children who do not have asthma. The same is true for children with asthma (two or more oral corticosteroid courses for their asthma) and children at high risk of hospitalization due to SARS-CoV-2.

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For the authors of this study, These results are favorable for giving priority to children with asthma in the context of vaccination Children under 12, Although they found that their overall risk in intensive care and covid-related deaths was very low.

With the launch of the vaccine on December 15, the latest government announcements are moving in this direction Children 5 to 11 years of age are considered “fragile” and are at risk for severe forms of Kovid-19.

Deborah L., Doctor of Pharmacy


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