March 25, 2023

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Massive data theft: The former employee admitted everything to the management of Desjardines

Massive data theft: The former employee admitted everything to the management of Desjardines

Sebastian Boulanger-Dorwall agreed at a May 26, 2019 meeting in Lewis with Desjardines’ research and technology department, according to the policies filed by Deszardins. It sells confidential information and databases related to Desjardins clients […] Fifteen (15) months at a rate of approximately one sale every two or three months.

A second person describes the hard drive that Desjardins seized in his home That’s all the information he sold. Information that the meeting was recorded.

Defended by a former employee who has been a senior advisor on the marketing team for many years His actions in the aftermath of financial problems arising from the old relationship And admitted that he had sold part of these lists to a relative of his entourage.

Will be a former employee Explained that he wanted to correct his mistakes […] And work with Desjardins to retrieve and locate illegally sold files.

The procedure submitted by Desjardins is also stated To protect the public and its clients, it is important that Desjardins access this information before harm occurs..

$ 30,100 in values ​​and gift cards

In the latest information published, we came to know that on May 26, 2019, during a search by Desjardins of Boulanger-Dorval Home, During his investigation at Judge Dorval he found thirty thousand hundred dollars ($ 30,100) in cash, $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100 denominations, which the judge counted and twenty (20) prepaid Visa gift cards..

The financial institution has resorted to the Anton pillar-type order, which is an extraordinary measure in the context of civil compensation, allowing one person to search and seize their home by the other party.

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To date, this information regarding Boulanger-Dorwall has been modified at his request. His lawyer told us that his client was no longer opposed to it.

Radio-Canada launched That’s it An investigation was launched from Boulanger’s first suspicion […] Supervised by an independent expert from the Mandiant Company.

A subsidiary of FireI, an American company that specializes in the fight against Mandatory cyber-attacks in California.

This is a suspicious transaction The incident, which took place in Laval in December 2018, raised suspicions for Desjardins, who lodged a complaint with the Laval Police Department (SPL)

SQ trial Launched in June 2019. It relates to identity theft, information smuggling, fraud of more than $ 5,000, and criminal offenses for the benefit of the criminal organization.

The former Deszardins employee has not yet faced any charges.