March 25, 2023

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Quebec snowmobiles must be careful with farmland

Quebec snowmobiles must be careful with farmland

The Federation des Clubs de Motonizestes du Quebec (FCMQ) seeks to educate its members about the importance of respect for agricultural producers.

Every year, farmers’ farms are damaged by snowmobiles leaving abandoned trails.

Thus, the organization is launching a province-wide awareness campaign in collaboration with MRC Maria-Chapdeline. Many codes are installed in problematic ways.

“We’ll keep it in the zones, we’ll let it rotate around for a few years,” FCMQ President Real Camire confirmed.

“For us, we never raise enough awareness, there will always be some section of the population who do not hear the message. Most people receive this message. We’re going to join a large number of snowmobiles with this logo, ”said MRC Maria-Chopdeline Prefect Luke Simard.

Devastating effects

Snowmobiles travel from trials and cause a lot of damage. For producers, the snowmobile’s path is catastrophic on gardens and on economic matters.

“There are those who love crazy snow, free snow. It’s hard for them to be on trials, but it’s important to understand that they are not at home, ”explained farmer Paul-Eugene Grenon.

To prevent snowmobiles from driving Mr. Fences were also erected around Grenon’s farmland.

“We moved the sidewalk to stay in an acceptable place and the club put up a fence on one side to keep people away. It’s not funny, we removed the fences because there are no animals on our farms, but here we have to close the world. You’m lucky to have the rights to lead, respect them,” the farmer protested. Expressed.