March 25, 2023

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A teacher has been suspended for hijab

A teacher has been suspended for hijab

A primary school teacher in Chelsea, Autouis, has been suspended under Act 21 for banning her from wearing the hijab in the classroom.

The news, first reported by CTV News on Wednesday evening, was confirmed by the Western Quebec School Board to various media on Thursday. A third-grade teacher was relieved of her post on Friday and taken on other duties.

The latter told “Ottawa Citizen” that she was overwhelmed by the support from her students’ parents.

“They told me they were supporting me and that they did not think it was fair and that it was reasonable. […] It warms my heart, ”said Fatima Anwari.

“I sympathize with anyone who has been influenced, from anyone who chooses to dress from a religious faith for their identity or their culture. This is not just an issue for Muslims; This is a human problem, ”she continued.

The school board indicated that she had relieved her teacher of her responsibilities responsibly, not by choice. “Most of the western Kubers I have spoken to are against Bill 21. We have conveyed our views to the government. […] The government has passed the regulations and it is now law, so as part of the education system, it is our responsibility to apply the laws of the province, ”explained Wayne Daly, interim chairman of the school board. CTV News.

The decision caused a stir in Ottawa, where the Conservative leader was asked to comment.

“I do not support the principles of Bill 21, but I believe the Quebec decision must be made and that everyone is treated with respect and dignity during these negotiations,” Erin O’Toole told reporters.

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