March 25, 2023

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Salary: Jackpot for President McGill

Salary: Jackpot for President McGill

The pandemic did not prevent a staggering increase in the salaries of senior executives of Quebec universities. This year, McGill University President received a record $ 860,000.

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Suzanne Fortier has topped the list of the highest paid university technicians in Quebec for many years. This time, McGill Vice-Chancellor’s taxable salary exceeded $ 860,000.

In addition to the $ 478,901 base salary and $ 93,000 performance bonus, Mr.Me Received a one-time indemnity of $ 288,890 reserved for Fortier managers.

“It is the only payment that must be made at or after the age of 65 years[elle est] In the office, founding spokeswoman Cynthia Lee said. It refers to an affiliate retirement plan that is eligible for certain members of senior management. “

This bonus will be paid even if mMe Fortier continues his power. She will receive a salary even after retirement. Last year, McGill received a $ 465,000 base salary and a $ 91,000 performance bonus from the president.

Number one at Concordia University is no less. Graham Carr earns more than $ 426,000 a year.

He held several management positions for almost 10 years before being elected rector in 2019, and was able to accumulate the planned transition bonuses for executives, as we can see in the management report tabled in the National Assembly.

Mr Carr could add up to $ 433,000 in divorce damages at the end of his five – year warrant.

One year salary bonus

Last year, Guy Breton resigned as rector of the University of Montreal, pocketing $ 442,635, equivalent to his 12 months’ salary. This is the norm among university leaders. His successor, Daniel Jutras, will receive a little less or $ 405,000 a year. When reading financial reports, we see that senior leaders of chartered universities are still being paid better than their peers in the University du Quebec network. In their case, the government sets the working conditions.

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Thus, the rector of UQAM, with nearly 37,000 students in attendance, received just under $ 235,000 this year. In 2018, the Coulard government dropped its legislation to clean up the remuneration of senior university leaders.

The minister at the time, Helen David, chose a strict budget rule, and since then the institutions have had to submit a detailed report to the National Assembly each year on the status of their executives.

2020-2021 University Rectors’ Taxable Salary

MCGIL University

Suzanne Fortier

  • Base Salary: 478 901 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: 382 070 $ (Including allowance once 288 890 $ Reserved for Senior Management)

Total: 860 971 $

University of Montreal

Guy Breton

  • Base Salary: 442 635 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: $ 326

Total: 442 961 $

Concordia University

Graham Carr

  • Base Salary: 424 423 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: 1706 $

Total: 426 129 $

University of Montreal

Daniel Jutras, New Rector

Photo by Archives, Ben Pelosse

  • Base Salary: 405 000 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: 3493 $

Total: 408 493 $ (Since he has not worked for 12 months, Daniel Jutras’ total compensation is from 1Is May 2020 to April 30, 2021 389 086.26 $)

Laval University

Sophie D’Amers

Photo by Archives, Stevens LeBlanc

  • Base Salary: 337 620 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: 1731 $

Total: 339 351 $

University of Sherbrook

Pear Cassette

  • Base Salary: 331 805 $
  • Other aspects of taxable treatment include: 2038 $
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Total: 333 843 $