December 1, 2023

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She was vaccinated and died at the hospital

She was vaccinated and died at the hospital

A 57-year-old woman who received a false vaccination certificate died of covid-19 at a hospital in the le-de-France region, the head of the institution’s intensive care unit said on Friday not to hide vaccinated patients. That’s it.

The patient, without a medical history, was admitted to Raymond-Poincare Hospital in Garches (Hots-de-Sean) with a false health pass purchased from a doctor, confirming that she had been vaccinated.

She suffered from a severe form of the disease “which rapidly developed into severe respiratory damage,” Intensive Care Unit head Zillai Annane was interviewed on RTL.

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Neutralizing antibodies “if doctors know

However, if doctors knew that the patient had not been vaccinated against Kovid-19, they would have “provided her with pre-neutralizing antibodies, which we know may be effective in reducing the risk of disease progression”.

False vaccination certification “does not protect against the virus and may mislead the doctor who cares for you,” he stressed.

The patient’s husband finally agreed that he had not been vaccinated. He was on his own, but he “worked very hard to persuade his wife to vaccinate,” Dr. Annane explained.

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“Guessing to the end is basic”

This false vaccination case, according to him, is indistinguishable: “We have at least one other patient with no antibody, he has a serious appearance and he keeps saying he was vaccinated”.

“It is fundamental to guess to the end when deciding not to vaccinate, because a physician’s knowledge of this information can sometimes change the way one is responsible,” he concluded.

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