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Celine Dion: “He’s in bed, he’s sick, he can not …”; The singer’s final “crazy proof of love”

Celine Dion: "He's in bed, he's sick, he can not ...";  The singer's final "crazy proof of love"

This Thursday, December 9, host Naguy Naguy She welcomed Melody and Thomas for a new episode of the show “N ‘Forget Passless paroles in France 2 ”.

The second is going to make sense “Yes I want to talk to our dad about that Celine Dion, Melanie Page’s husband challenged him in the movie Alain, directed by Valerie Lamercier.

In theaters since November 11, this Celine Dion biopic has provoked as much controversy as emotion … And for good reason, the Quebec singer’s family did not really appreciate certain parts of the film, indicating that the artist was neglected in her childhood.

One of the greatest chapters in his life was his meeting with Rene Angelil, Is also there Recalculate. As Nagui explains, Celine Dion supported her husband to the last breath, even in the fight against cancer, when she was on stage …

Nagui Valerie Lamerzier states in the film that “everything is not true.” However, this incident really happened. In 2013, Rene Angelil Realizing that his throat cancer is back, he asks Celine Dion not to stop his career and to go on stage as planned. As the host says, what she agrees to on one condition:

“Rene is in his bed, he’s sick, he can not go to his concert. She has an atrium inside Bluetooth On stage and he talks to her. He has satellite images, he attends a concert and he talks to her, ”he explained.

And add: “He asks her to make gestures to laugh, to play the stupid bunny so that he has a relationship. It is a testament to absolute love Crazy, Strong “.

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