March 27, 2023

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Freezing rain: Dr. Julianne Gignoli canceled in Quebec

Des gens qui marche sur de la glace

The Center de Pediatrics Social de Quebec Drive, which was scheduled to take place this Saturday, December 11 at nearly twenty squares, was unfortunately canceled due to unpredictable weather conditions and for everyone’s safety., We can read in a press release.

This statement refers to the $ 50,000 we can not collect on the streets, $ 50,000 which should be used to provide care and services to children in great need., Adds organization.

This is a devastating situation for a company that is slowly recovering from the impact of the pandemic. This total represents the support of about a hundred children.

A quote from Press release from the Quebec Social Pediatrics Center

Due to this cancellation, the organization is asking citizens to donate online.

Most merchants agreed to welcome us at the last minute before their establishment.Jean-Christophe Nicholas, director general of the center, is pleased

The event took place in Lewis

However, volunteers will be on the field in Lewis to collect donations for the benefit of the children.

Volunteers bravely faced the rain in Lewis on Saturday

Photo: Radio-Canada / Audrey Paris

For now, everything is handled, Said Maud Julian, executive director and nurse clinician at the Lewis Center for Social Pediatrics.

The good news is, 2021 will be the hardest year for families. All requirements are intensified. What used to be small in size is now available to all our families, Explains Mrs. Julian.

Over the past year many children’s learning, socialization and mental health have been affected. Requirements are Really multiplied[s] In our families, She says.

Winds and freezing rain

Wind and freezing rain warnings are in effect in the Greater Quebec City area on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon and tonight is likely to be cold. Snow size ranges from 2 to 5 millimeters, locally up to 10 millimeters, Says Environment Canada.

Surfaces such as roads, streets, sidewalks and parking lots can become icy and slippery. Change your driving to suit changing road conditions, Meteorologists warned.

Southwesterly winds will reach 100 km per hour in the evening and at night. Their intensity decreases on Sunday morning.

Want Quebec City Get back on the curb

Quebec City announced Friday that street parking will be banned during a freezing storm this weekend, not to remove snow from the road, but to maintain sidewalks.

The municipality wants to test a new, more flexible upstream de-icing technique to prevent snow from accumulating on the sidewalks.

The parking ban on the street will be in effect from Saturday evening or Sunday evening, depending on the outcome of the precipitation.

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