December 1, 2023

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Weather Network – Last hour – 160,000+ power outages in Quebec

Weather Network - Last hour - 160,000+ power outages in Quebec

Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 8:20 pm – The muscular low pressure system that poured snow and freezing rain in its wake has another string to its bow: violent winds.

In short:

  • Violent winds to watch from Saturday evening;
  • Peaks at 100 km / h are possible;
  • Fractures and material damage are possible.

Nearly 160,000 consumers were without electricity on Saturday evening. Of that number, nearly 60,000 are on the island of Montreal. According to the information currently available the majority of devices are related to breakdowns.

The weather is nothing new to these fractures, with violent winds blowing. The Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport also recorded winds of 104 km per hour – the strongest in Quebec so far. Montreal last experienced such winds in April 2020 (at 103 km / h).

Monterrey and Autouis were also severely affected.

These figures may change by evening. The low pressure system continues to progress overnight.

The resulting low pressure causes strong winds to blow over much of Quebec. Strong winds are expected as the Cold Front passes through the low pressure system.


Violent winds will invite themselves into the territory in the next few hours. Several wind warnings In force for many areas, including Montreal.

It experiences the most violent winds south of Quebec, mainly from Saturday evening and from Saturday night to Sunday. These are located at a speed of 90 km per hour in a large metropolitan area.


Overall, the areas bordering the St. Lawrence River are worth a look, especially Richelieu Valley. Special relief for these two areas will effectively transmit these strong winds, increasing their intensity. Strong winds of up to 90 kmph are expected in these areas.

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Does not exceed eastern Quebec: Gaspe can experience strong winds of up to 100 km per hour during the day on Sunday.

Power outages

A good part of Quebec is at risk of increasing power outages. Once again, St. Lawrence Valley was particularly worth seeing, especially on Saturdays when there were so many blackouts. In fact a maximum of almost 34,000 failures were reported in the morning.


Strong winds can break branches or even uproot trees and cause significant damage throughout the territory.

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