March 27, 2023

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In 2022, Mary-Victorine will be the big test for PSPP

In 2022, Mary-Victorine will be the big test for PSPP

Party Quebecois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, considering its parliamentary session, signaled that his party was eager to enter the new year with enthusiasm.

“We are happy to be entering 2022 with stock taking and momentum; Momentum because Party Quebecois shows that we are bringing together quality candidates and therefore, we are going to build a very solid team for the 2022 elections. ”

The party Quebecois did not make revolutionary changes in Quebec politics this fall, but it ended the year at a high level.


For the next campaign Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon’s strategy is simple: recruit quality candidates, stars.

He co-starred with Pierre Nantel in Mary-Victorine. In Gaspe, the arrival of Alexis Deschens brings new life to this area where PQ generally works well.

However, PQ strategists also need to work on the leader’s image, because only 3% of QBakers are Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon is expected to be the best person to occupy the post of Prime Minister.

This anemic number means that many PQ supporters do not believe that their leader has the skills to be the best premier among party leaders in Quebec.

It is nice to see stars everywhere, but we know that the leader will be the leader in the leaders’ discussions and voters will primarily vote for the leader.


The big test for the PQ leader is the by-election in Mary-Victorine, which will take place in the first months of the year 2022.

If PQ loses this naturally acquired constituency, it will be Mr. A very blow to St-Pierre Plamondon.

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In such a scenario, the leadership of the PSPP would be severely tested and PQ activists might want to give a little encouragement outside the party.