March 28, 2023

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More than 5,000 customers were still without electricity in Autouis on Monday

More than 5,000 customers were still without electricity in Autouis on Monday

Now 5,048 customers are still without electricity with 196 interruptions in Autouis.

Summary of reported interruptions in the Autouis area:

* Data updated on December 13 at 10:00 am.

  • Gatineau (excluding MRC): 21 interruptions, 443 power outages
  • Outside MRC (domestic): 2 interruptions, 6 customers without electricity
  • La Vallee-de-la-Gatineau: 52 interruptions, 1,864 customers without electricity
  • Les Collines-de-l’Outaouais: 50 interruptions, 969 users without electricity
  • Papino: 25 interruptions, 373 customers without power
  • Pontiac: 45 interruptions, 1,393 customers without electricity

Source: Hydro-Quebec

According to Hydro-Quebec, Autouis is one of the provinces most affected by the nocturnal weather from Saturday to Sunday.

Hydro-Quebec spokeswoman Caroline des Rociers said most of the disruptions were caused by branches and trees. [Quand] There are 360 ​​failures, there are [donc] Our teams have to go to 360 places to see what caused the interruption, only then can the teams tell us what the recovery time is.

Across Quebec, hydro-Quebec teams had to work very hard this weekend.

Photo: Canadian Press / Ryan Remiorge

Strong winds blowing over the province at this time are causing a lot of blackouts. The worst affected areas are Greater Montreal, Monterey, Autouis and Laurentians. The storm is evolving and moving eastward into the province. Our fitters are assembled and are already working to restore service. However, the winds made it difficult for them., On its website Hydro-Quebec, indicated Saturday evening.

In addition to power outages, strong winds usually cause minor damage in the Autouis. Trees and branches were uprooted by strong winds in many places.

In Manooru Municipality, the Regional County Municipality From Papino, a fire broke out in a residence near the intersection of Routes 323 and 315 from Saturday to Sunday. Fire Department of Regional County Municipality Without going into further details, it was concluded that the weather conditions were the cause of the fires.

Firefighters are battling the blaze.

Strong winds caused fires to break out at a residence in Manor, near the intersection of Routes 323 and 315 in Autouis, during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Photo: SB

On the Ottawa side, several power outages were also reported Saturday evening to Hydro Ottawa, especially in the vicinity of Osgood, Ryo-Gaulborn, By, Riviere, Ryo-Rockcliff and Kichisippi. As of Sunday morning, most of the affected residents were back in power.

More than 3,000 customers were affected by Saturday’s storm surge, according to Hydro Ottawa.

In some cases, there were interruptions due to falling trees on our overhead network, as well as a pole fire near our Monster station in Canada., Informed the correspondent via email on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, Hydro Ottawa crews were still working for their customers who had no electricity. At 3:45 pm, we had 14 interruptions affecting a total of 16 customers. The situation was reversed when branches and trees touched the power lines.

On Monday morning, Hydro reported an Ottawa shutdown and 38 customers were affected.

In eastern Ontario, some areas also experienced power outages. This is especially the case in the Alfred-Plantagenet municipality, where hundreds of homes were plunged into darkness on Saturday evening. Most subscribers regained power by Sunday afternoon.

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