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Its cloud gaming success

Its cloud gaming success

Monday 13 December 2021

It’s during the trial against the Apple brand right now, along with the Fortnite developer, Epic Games, that we came to know about it. Video games of many big brands have put salt in the Apple App Store.

Sony and Microsoft take the niche

We will learn it Sony Was seeking Get ready for the smartphone launch of its cloud gaming service PlayStation now, directly through the Apple Store. The case dates back to 2017, when Apple heard about this product, but decided to create its own Apple Arcade, Sony has its own service when it wants to focus on these consoles and set up service on PC.

Microsoft also includes its streaming service: Xcloud Gaming.

Microsoft is looking today Set up this service through internet browsers on iOS, And since the fall of 2020 we have learned that not only in the App Store, but also Microsoft has approached Apple to launch an application xCloud Directly in the App Store. Launched large franchises like this Microsoft Flight Simulator Or the newest Halo is infinite Plays directly on their iPhone. But the controversy The design and focus of the application led to the project flow!

Are you afraid of Google Satdia?

But why this huge interest in Apple? Because there was no Apple Arcade system yet at that time, there was a niche in the devices and most of all becauseApple gave the power Google Stadia To install in the App Store. Google Stadia, which wanted the cloud gaming revolution, must have been a little intimidating to manufacturers at the time.

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