March 28, 2023

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The Brazilian mayor has resolved the ring dispute

The Brazilian mayor has resolved the ring dispute

The mayor of a small town in northern Brazil, according to the town hall, escalated the political conflict by agreeing to settle the dispute with a rival in the ring, in a fight that eventually turned into a communication operation.

It all started with Borba Mayor Simao Pixoto of the Amazonas State Municipality criticizing former city councilor Erinu de Silva for managing the city’s largest tourism complex.

And Mr. When da Silva threatened City Council with “hit his mouth”, a second man obeyed his word and challenged him to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight, the most popular sport in the country. Brazil.

In the rules of art, a fight takes place on Sunday evening in an octagon (MMA ring), with a referee and in the living room.

Videos of this extraordinary fist went viral on social networks and the whole of Brazil was dumbfounded to see how the country’s extreme polarity was deteriorating.

As soon as he entered the ring, the mayor began to provoke his opponent, sending his index finger down his throat, mimicking a sore throat.

Bare-chested, wearing MMA-characterized fine gloves, the two men immediately rushed at each other.

The mayor went to the mat twice, but was declared the winner on points after three rounds.

The two men hugged at the last gesture of sportsmanship, looking tired by the end of the fight.

A deputy mayor then said in a video that the mayor and Mr. da Silva were “friends” and that the provocation of the former city councilor was a simple “marketing stunt”.

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According to Brazilian media, the mayor said he accepted the fight to promote the sport in his city. Simao Pixoto confirmed that the audience had to bring donated food to enter the hall. According to the town hall, five tons of food was collected.

It is not enough to shut the mouths of critics. The Amazonas state health watchdog has asked the municipality for an explanation for hosting this indoor event with spectators without masks.

Town Hall, by contrast, guarantees that anti-Kovid standards are respected.

Weekly also felt that there were “only losers” in this practice of political affirmation in a way that was detrimental to the discussion of ideas.

“Can you imagine Bolsonaro and Lula in the ring?” Asked by a user on Twitter, the two favorites hinted at a presidential election next October.

In Brazil, polarization between right-wing President Zaire Bolsonaro and supporters of former left-wing leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has intensified, fueling pre-election tensions.