June 27, 2022

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Canadian Armed Forces: Lieutenant fired for insulting remarks

Canadian Armed Forces: Lieutenant fired for insulting remarks

A Lieutenant-Colonel of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) was fired on December 7 for making insulting remarks.

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Philip Marcus led the Impact Air Task Force in Kuwait. Its aim is to ensure, among other things, the free and safe movement of people and goods.

In a statement sent to CTV News on Thursday, the ministry said the comments were “misrepresented as disturbing with our organization’s efforts to change our culture”.

“These allegations led to a loss of confidence in the ability of the member to direct and effectively carry out the duties related to his appointment as Commanding Officer and he was immediately relieved of his duties,” it said in a statement.

Mr. Marcus Base has been reassigned to the rank of Staff Officer at the Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Center in Trenton.

The post was reduced after lengthy investigations into ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct. In mid-December, the federal government formally apologized to victims of misconduct and sexual harassment who worked in these organizations in a toxic environment.

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