June 27, 2022

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Vaccine: We need to find our Formula 1 quickly!

Vaccine: We need to find our Formula 1 quickly!

At the beginning of the vaccine campaign, Christian Dubey printed his feet on the lack of vaccines in Quebec.

The health minister criticized the lack of vaccinations from the federal government: “We’re off to a good start, but, there, we can no longer be vaccinated!”

Twelve months later, on December 14th, to be more precise, we learned from Mr. Dubey that there was a shortage of vaccinators in Quebec.

The health minister appealed for help. Fortunately, he heard. More than 8,000 people raise their hands to help with vaccination.

Army assistance

Last June, Quebec frequently vaccinated more than 100,000 people a day. Today, less than 70,000 people are vaccinated every day.

How can we explain that Quebec is not as capable of vaccinating as it was last spring?

To restart the machine, the Quebec government calls on the army for forces, as in the CHSLDs.

On December 21, Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Gilbolt confirmed on Twitter that he was asking the Quebec army for help: “Omicron threatens Quebec hospital capacity. We need to speed up the vaccination of cubers. I formally ask the Federal Government for assistance with the Canadian Armed Forces … “

Why are you waiting so long?

With cases rising in Europe for several weeks and the Omicron variant being discovered on November 25, it is no surprise that the government is waiting until December 14 to appeal to everyone to make a massive re-launch of the vaccine.

We must believe that our excellent vaccination rate has created false protection against this new variant. Our decision makers thought that waiting six months between the second and third dose was the right thing to do, but it played a trick on us against Omicron.

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If our strengths have become our weaknesses since we started campaigning against the epidemic, it will cause some concern for the future.

With that, Merry Christmas!