June 27, 2022

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We are all gamers!

We are all gamers!

Every Wednesday, the Sport Business Observatory returns for the decryption of gaming and sport through an all-in gaming program created in partnership with NiceCactus and STAM Consulting …

Every Wednesday, Sport returns for decryption of gaming and sport through an all-in gaming program created in partnership with the Business Observatory Niscoctus And STAM Consulting. This week’s summary: We’ll explain to you why we’re all gamers in the figures and we’re back to the Guaranteed Service France certification we received through Nicecactus. Along with all the Nicecactus events not to be missed this week.

To understand the relationship between the world of video games and the French, the Sport Business Observatory has partnered with a consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing. STAM Consulting The 3rd edition of its study, devoted to the uses and habits of the French, made it possible to highlight major trends in gaming. Gone is the stereotype of a teenage gamer locking his room to play in front of his screen. 46% of women in France are gamer status, playing video games more than 5 hours a week, 78% more often on their computer, on their tablet and on their phone. The gamer is no longer particularly adolescent, as the average age for a gamer is 37 years and the French have more diverse interests and greater numbers than their average, which allows him to cater to his need for openness.

Nicecactus welcomes Yves Jego, founder of the “Origin France Guarantee” label, with the aim of promoting Frank Reister, a delegate of Europe and Foreign Affairs Minister in charge of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, and genuine French services. This certification, which has values ​​and is easily recognized by customers, guarantees that at least 90% of the individuals who contribute to the provision of the Service will be subject to an employment contract governed by French law. This certification rewards Nicecactus’ commitment to showcasing the skills of French employees.

Article and program in partnership with Nicecactus and STAM Consulting

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We are all gamers!

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