July 5, 2022

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How to Get Rid of a Musty Basement Smells

Musty basement smells can cause a lot of embarrassment especially if they can find their way up to the rest of the house. If musty smells are restricting you from making good use of your basement, it’s time to act on it. 

With a little effort and determination, you can get rid of foul odors from your basement for good. This short guide will highlight how to get rid of musty basement smells.

Four ways to get rid of musty basement smells

  • Carry out Repairs
  • Locate the Source of the Problem
  • Control the Humidity
  • Fight the Smell

Carry out Repairs

First, you need to know which area of the basement the awful smell is coming from. It might be caused by a leak or cracked pipe. This can cause a rusty and foul odor. You need to replace them when you notice such cracks. Ensure that you handle any wet materials and remove mold from wet wood, concrete, or drywall. 

Locate the Source of the Problem

Another way to get rid of musty smells in your basement is locating the source of the problem. Identifying where or what the smell is, is halfway to solving the problem. Checklist created by https://csgrenovation.ca/our-services/basement-renovations/. Start by checking:

  • basement windows
  • the exterior entrance
  • the kitchen plumbing
  • the bathroom plumbing from the top floor

The odor could be coming from a dry floor drain under a sink if the drains are barely in use. Also, it might be caused by a groundwater issue, especially if the grading around your building is set up back toward your basement. If this is the case, water can find its way in and cause musty smells in the basement.   

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You can hire a technician to help dig around the foundation and install a French drain to rotate water. This drain will leave your basement in a good state/smell.

Control the Humidity

Once you are done with the repairs, dry your basement with a dehumidifier to help clean out any leftover smells. This device helps with getting rid of any moisture from the air and condensing it into a removable tank that you can empty.  

Aim for a humidity level of about 50% so that your basement stays dry and clean. 

Fight the Smell

Once you are done moisturizing, the last thing to handle is to tackle the musty smell. The procedure is simple, all you need is some supplies on hand like baking soda or white vinegar to help reduce the smells. 

The baking soda and vinegar will help to absorb the odors, while deodorizers are meant to take away any musty or foul smells in the basement. A mixture of white vinegar, water shared in two is perfect for surface cleaning, and your basement will be looking and smell fresh and clean. 

Final thoughts 

These four tricks should have your basement smelling fresh in a week. But watch out for leaks and cracks. Make sure you follow up this regimen, and your basement will be smelling nice for years to come.