July 5, 2022

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Postcard | Where COVID-19 Exists (Part III)

Postcard |  Where COVID-19 Exists (Part III)

(Sunrise) Canadian players face all the hardships in the world to send a team into the snow on Saturday at Sunrise.

Richard Labe

Richard Labe

But on top of that, almost all employees had to land in an arena run in halls without a mask, and when they had one, the mask was very casual, often worn around the neck.

Welcome to Florida.

This is still very surprising: the NHL is a business that is starting to make money for a number of reasons. The idea of ​​playing games as always and not beating the COVID-19 schedule.

But for now, we send players to work in an environment that is not very safe. Like the Panthers Arena in Sunrise.

To give you an idea, by December 30, Florida had broken the record for COVID-19 cases, with nearly 76,000 new cases being reported per day. The day before, we had 58,000 cases.

But that should not surprise anyone. Here, COVID-19 has become a way of life; Restaurants are open, but half working due to staff shortages. The other day, we caught a boss accepting all the customers without a mask … complaining about the lack of staff in his business.

In this world the Canadian, who is already in a bad state, is brought down.

We’re going to say it again: the weather is good.

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