June 29, 2022

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5 gaming channels to know in 2021

5 gaming channels to know in 2021

If there is one category that still works best on networks, especially Twitch and YouTube, it is Gaming. Also, thanks to the content on their video games that the biggest YouTubers currently have, whether French or not, have identified themselves first of all. Squeezee O Amixem.

We do not know if you are like us, but when we dragged our guitars on the American platform with the red logo mentioned above, it changed too It is very difficult to choose between content. Very high, very diverse, some are almost television quality and often, when faced with such a great choice, we forget what to do first. Here is a very incomplete list of gaming channels that you should not miss when you like games. Not all famous chains are necessary, there are many different regions and styles, because everyone has something.


Music deposit for this file. The oldest on YouTube undoubtedly invented Smooth (original name Max, but it’s less stylish) in 2013 with its Overworld theme cover. The myth of Zelda NES. His approach to video games is music. He was part of all of this Generation of YouTubers who captured popular songs by filming on Multicam. Originally entirely in Zelda, he created covers of dozens of games until 2015 with over a hundred videos. Even today, although his channel is much less productive than it was at the time, he has more than 2.6 million members.


Along with a passion for video games as well as an indie game designer, Gerard worked in large studios and created the Game Anatomy Show a few years ago, as its name suggests, separating the profession. Technology is a popular channel that analyzes the mechanics of video game production by taking examples from recent creations such as Knockout City or Hades.. Recently, he released a video game and had a lot of fun disassembling the whole creation process but especially after: sales, profits, galleys, etc. A small channel with only 84,000 subscribers, however, it keeps you entertained with the game.

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Attic player

Not seriously, should we demonstrate it? I do not think so. One of Youtube’s oldest video game shows, provided and inspired by Fred and SebAngry video games are self-evident, The feeling of a person who can not play or undoubtedly get mad like a pig over rotten games. Over time, JDG became more professional at the same time as the medium changed. On Bazar du Grenier’s secondary channel, there are now a lot of different shows about games or movies, party memorabilia and soon’s role playing. This is Youtube’s Vivement Dimanche, but very well crafted with fun and every time episodes, they are worth the Netflix series.

Wankle Studio

Two jokers are playing video games. It’s not me, they are. Creating two characters in their resemblance in a 2D cartoon describing their stupid adventures was a crazy concept they had when they started having only tens of thousands of subscribers. They do not have a facecam: instead, Wankles, they had to draw in all possible circumstances to create their illusions or Create a YouTube banner Their channel. Keep your brain at the entrance, which is really fun here.

Gaming Historian

A very well-constructed documentary chain provided by Norman, but not the vlogger we know of. Its format has been around for a long time since it was on YouTube in 2008. This concept is clearly dedicated to retrogaming fans but generally to all those who want to know more about the story. In front of his audience of nearly a million subscribers, It is a long source and offers a wide range of formats that are easy to view As long as you are comfortable with the language of Donald Trump.

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In bulk, we can also cite The Completionist, Whose Kif is 100% complete with everything, Sunday Developer, A French channel or gametrip (for retro fans) that serves as a vlog for the developer, an unbelievable channel and we’re not saying that because he’s working with us (yes).