July 5, 2022

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Relaxation of loneliness: Experts say

Relaxation of loneliness: Experts say

The Quebec government’s reduction in isolation duration announced on Tuesday is causing confusion.

At the very least, Steve Tremble, a skilled lawyer and adviser on health and safety at work, believes in labor law Claude Gravel.

“By wanting to keep it simple, we make things a little more complex,” says ME Gravel on LCN Airwaves.

“This is worse than the A-38 Asterix 12 jobs pass. Currently Quebec, [dans sa gestion], It looks like a chicken coop with hundreds of headless chickens who do not know where to go because of the fire, ”said Steve Tremble for his part.

The latter believe that the measures they have announced are not aimed at reducing pollution, but are protecting the economy by banning workers’ health from the background.

“Despite the symptoms, I have seen workers being harassed by their employer to return to work after five days and that is not acceptable,” Mr Tremblay said.

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant believes companies should take more steps to protect their employees.

“If we want to offload the health network so that we can treat as many people as possible, I think employers can also upload off companies, perhaps allowing patients with less need and symptoms to be left alone. For ten days. It will not kill anyone,” he added.

For his part, ME Claude Gravel was not surprised to see the rules constantly being adjusted.

“At the same time as the virus is spreading, our ability to respond, test and meet the needs of the population is disappearing. We are still facing, unfortunately, difficult to predict, ”said Mr.E Gravel.

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Steve Tremble advises all workers to contact CNESST in case of employer abuse. According to a recent ruling by the Administrative Labor Court, an employer must pay compensation to an employee who is self-employed after being exposed to COVID-19 at work.