June 29, 2022

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Controversial entertainers lose their jobs in Mexico

Controversial entertainers lose their jobs in Mexico

At least two revolvers have lost their jobs this week over videos of drunken parties on a sunwing plane or in Tulum Mexico. Journal.

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This is the case of Frederick Dumas-Joel. She went viral on social media this week because of a video that appeared to be a “mask” with a red thigh over her mouth.

Frederick Dumas-Joel Portrait without face cover.

Frédérique Dumas-Joyal / Instagram

Frederick Dumas-Joel Portrait without face cover.

“Una pina colada”, Emmy Dumas-Joel laughs, elbows bent at bar in Tulam. Influencer Rachel Contin, one of the most celebrated public figures celebrating in Mexico, took this footage and has been making media headlines since the beginning of the week.

His employer, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), laughed a little less when he saw these pictures.


“The Authority was surprised to learn the facts surrounding one of its employees. We’re completely detached from the next steps and mourn the events that occurred ”, confirms Journal Sylvain Theberg, AMF Representative.

“The employee in question has been fired,” he confirmed. Mr. Theberge declined to say what job she did and the specific reasons that led to her decision yesterday.

According to her LinkedIn page, Frederick Dumas-Joel has been the Information Officer for AMF since 2017. She also studied law at Laval University. Interestingly, again according to this social network, she is a student at Ecole du Barre de Quebec.

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Requests we made for an interview with Mrs. Dumas-Joel were not answered yesterday. Since posting the video with a slap in the mouth, she has also deleted her Instagram account.

Suspended broker

Sutton Quebec has announced that it will suspend Carl Bernard, one of its real estate brokers, on December 30 for committing the controversial sunwing theft.

Official image of Carl Bernard, Sutton is a real estate agent for Quebec.

Carl Bernard / Instagram

Official image of Carl Bernard, Sutton is a real estate agent for Quebec.

“The request for suspension from the regulator is pending, but is usually delayed by 24-48 hours. […] In our terms, the suspension is in line with the removal, ”said Julie Gaucher, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sutton Quebec.

In the video obtained by Journal, Mr. Bernard holding a loudspeaker in his hand and swinging his hips with the party party in the cabin. In his paintings, no one wears a mask. The party on the plane caused a stir not only at home but also internationally.

“Please believe that this is not a pleasant situation and that we are always refusing this kind of behavior. We are there to serve and protect the people and not to serve our own interests and our own reputation,” Julie Gaucher emphasized.

Carl Bernard did not respond to our interview requests regarding his suspension. Organizme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec also had very few comments on the matter.

“OACIQ keeps track of any developments within the limits of the organism’s legislative capacity,” one said in an email.

Even to watch

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