July 6, 2022

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MSI is “meta-ready” with its new gaming computers


MSI took advantage of CES to make some crazy ads with just 16 different products. Go back to MSI gaming computers here.

From the beginning of the week, we started getting into the habit of attacking News Everywhere. But the MSI introductory meeting was wall-to-wall. In fact, it’s not one or two models provided by the company, but well … sixteen!

If we have not studied them all in detail, let us already see what these products have in common. The first point, and certainly the most important, is that these computers feature the latest 12th generation Intel chip. In addition to this pure power, all computers feature a graphics card from Nvidia, the latest generation from the RTX 3070 to the most high-end model in this segment: the portable RTX 3080 Ti.

In this article we will focus only on the access computers around gaming, this ad was provided by MSI during the night. To know everything about MSI computers dedicated to creation, read this article.

Stealth GS77 and GS66: Evening stars


With the wide range of new gaming computers, some series names are still better known than others. In fact, the stealth GS77 and GS66 are captured from the brand’s well-known product generation. The brand presented them as the flagship this year, they are lightweight and powerful computers. The GS77 model has a 17-inch screen, while the latter is slightly smaller at 15.6 inches, making it suitable for smaller screen sizes.

Another small difference between these two models is that the GS77 has a phase change liquid metal at its heart to better handle cooling. These two computers come with 64 GB RAM and 1 TB of storage in different configurations. In terms of weight displayed on the scale, the GS77 is far from 2.7 kg, while the GS66 weighs only 2.1 kg.

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Rider GE76 and GE66: Best of the Best


MSI did not offer them as the brand’s best computers, but the two new Rider models are definitely the most powerful products MSI can unveil. With the 12th generation i9 processor and Nvidia graphics card, they only look like carbon copies of the stealth models shown above. All four computers share the same UHD, QHD or Full HD screen, depending on the configuration. The refresh rate varies between 120 and 360 Hz depending on the model.

But what sets Rider computers apart from others is their cooling system. In fact, the latter is more powerful, allowing the rider to reach unmatched power through another MSI computer. The brand guarantees that it will allow players to enjoy a smooth and clear experience in all situations.

Vector GP76 and GP66: New kids

Two new vector models have just arrived in the MSI range. The Taiwanese brand wants to become a benchmark in the gaming world by offering more efficient products. Putting the past aside, the MSI GP range will become the company’s true guide under this new name.

Today the brand proudly announces that its computers can reach 210W, thanks to the MSI Overboost, as opposed to the 220 in the rider range provided above.

Crosshairs, Pulse, Sword and Katana

crosshair-msi- gaming

Among the rest of MSI’s announcements at CES this year, the brand was also recognized for its partnership with French studio Ubisoft. MSI has in fact offered three new models in its crossover range. In addition to the two anticipated versions, 17 and 15, the brand is inspired by the exclusive edition of the crossover 15 by the hit game Rainbow Six Extraction.

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Like pulses, these computers are marketed by MSI as being recognizable in the thousands with their unique design. The Pulse models, the GL76 and GL66, have improved airflow 5% compared to the older generation, thanks to the Cooler Boost 5 technology found in almost all models this year.

Finally, both versions of the Sword and Katana series are primarily designed for players. The idea is to provide them with the best possible sensations with Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics cards, as well as finished products using the 12th generation Intel i7 processor.

As a reminder, MSI also used this launch party to dedicate its new range of “creator” models to the world of creation, you can find all the details on these computers in this article.