July 6, 2022

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Party on the plane: A heavy fine for an unlicensed organizer of a travel agent?

Party on the plane: A heavy fine for an unlicensed organizer of a travel agent?

An alcoholic party organizer with more than 180 Cubans on a sunbathing flight to Mexico does not have a travel agent license and faces heavy fines according to the Office de la Protection du Consometure (OPC).

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“Mr. James William Awad does not have a travel agent license. The agency took the situation very seriously. Without further comment on this particular file, verifications are currently underway,” Office spokesman Charles Tangway confirmed.

Under the Travel Agents Act, a person operating a plane without a license can be fined up to $ 15,000 and up to $ 100,000 for business.

Video from Instagram / 111 Private Club

The law also states that only persons with a travel agent license can, for example, book transportation services or arrange trips for others.

“No need,” he said

James William Awad planned his headline-grabbing trip through his new business, 111 Private Club.

Each participant will have to pay about $ 2,500 for this excursion. All in all the hotel had six nights, a private flight with a DJ and a day trip to Libra.

James William Awad

Illustration from Instagram / 111 Private Club

“Travel agency is not required, everything is very easy to manage with the system [du 111 Private Club]Controversial 28-year-old businessman said by text.

After some discussions with Journal, He changed his article and claimed to have used a travel agency. However, he never revealed her name.

“I did not negotiate everything on my own. In fact, I worked with Borker, “he said, without elaborating.

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Several complaints were received

“It should be noted that the three companies involved as Mr. Awad’s director received infringement notices from the office last November,” the OPC adds.

According to the office, he runs the health studio without permission under the Consumer Protection Act.

“Measures can also be taken to put an end to illegal activities or to file criminal proceedings,” the OPC said.

More details to follow …

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