December 4, 2022

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France | Macron imagined his attacks on those who were not vaccinated

France |  Macron imagined his attacks on those who were not vaccinated

(Paris) Emmanuel Macron, assuming his shocking remarks on “completely” unvaccinate, the outgoing president and quasi-candidate insisted Friday, accusing candidate RN Marine Le Pen of being a “shooter” while Eric Zemmour defeated rural areas in the countryside. France.

Gale Geoffroy and Christophe Paraire
France Media Agency

Three days after being told by the Parisians to “piss” off those who refused to be vaccinated against Kovid, Mr Macron said, “We can be moved by the forms of expression I fully envisioned,” Mr Macron said. -19.

“There is a real division of the country, only when some change their freedom into an irresponsible, slogan,” he explained at a press conference at Elysee Palace. He said it was “my responsibility to sound the alarm” when the daily average new pollution exceeded 200,000 daily over the past seven days.

Anti-passports were removed on Saturday

The new presidential campaign against the five million people who have not been vaccinated comes the day before the anti-National Pass demonstrations. Officials expect the mobilization to pick up.

The president’s controversial remarks on Tuesday provoked a political storm and raised tensions in the National Assembly over the consideration of a bill to convert a health passport into a vaccine passport. Received with pain, it will reach the committee in the Senate on Monday.

But this episode allowed him, according to the majority, to soften what most French people think softly and push the opposition, the right and the extremists, to clarify their position on the à-vis-vis-à-vis unvaccinated and vaccine passport.

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In Beijers, southern France, the city where right-right mayor Robert Maynard granted his sponsorship, Marine Le Pen again fired red balls at Emmanuel Macron, describing it as “pyromaniac”. National unity in resolving crises […] And not in division ”.

“Is Emmanuel Macron using the health crisis to get into the campaign?” The answer is yes. Is it useful? No answer. Is it effective? There is no answer, ”she said.

“Steal” the presidential election

The other right-wing candidate, Eric Zemmour, is in Eure-et-Loire, returning to the field even after the holiday break, which will enable him to obtain sponsorship specifically from locally elected officials.

He ended his day with a meeting in Chhetodun, in the presence of 1,200 people, according to his entourage. “Our political elites have neglected these territories. You are as sympathetically connected as the people of the suburbs, ”Mr. Jemmour joked in the open house.

Throughout the day, he captures the glimpses of support for his beloved “forgotten” peripheral rural France to his rival Marine Le Pen.

When asked earlier about Emmanuel Macron’s words, he reiterated that he “wanted to steal this election from the French. He wanted to campaign on COVID-19 so that we could talk about this important and significant question of France’s identity.”

On the left, Jean-Luc Melenchon strongly refutes the claims of Emmanuel Macron. To the LFI candidate, “The functions before rights are the feudal monarchy and its subjects. Respect for the rights that create destiny Republic and citizenship ”.

Semi-candidate Christian Taubira and her environmental rival Yanik Jadot focused their attacks on school management, where parents of students and teachers struggled with health protocol and anti-COVID-19 tests, the first of which condemned the “failures”. And the second is “Ball” Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker.

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To control the pace of the campaign, candidate LR Valerie Pecresse confirmed in Provence on Thursday that he would “bring out the caricature” to fight insecurity as Nicolas Sarkozy, still interior minister and non-president in 2005. .

Emmanuel Macron’s answer comes Monday: he’s in Nice on the same theme of security, laying the first stone for the future police headquarters.

Two new polls on Friday led by three with 25% (BVA for RTL and Orange) or 26% (Ipsos Sopra-Steria and Le Parisien for FranceInfo) in the first round in the same order. Marine Le Pen (17%), Valerie Pekresse (16%) and Eric Zemmur (12%) were higher.

On the left, it split between five candidates (Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Luc Melenchon, Yannick Jadot, Fabian Roussell and Arnaud Monteborg), remained in low-sounding waters and was stopped when Seals announced the former keeper’s candidacy. Christian Toubira, expected next week.