June 27, 2022

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In Eye of Quebec Inc .: WSP executives go to cash register before Christmas

In Eye of Quebec Inc .: WSP executives go to cash register before Christmas

Each week, we provide an overview of internal transactions, investments in local companies and news from listed companies.

They had big success in the choices

Just before Christmas, four executives from WSP Global exchanged millions of dollars for cash by using stock options at a Quebec engineering multinational. Alexandre L’Heureux, CEO of WSPPhoto), Grossed nearly $ 6.6 million. For their part, the Chief Financial Officer, Alain Michad, and the Chief Legal Officer, Philip Fortier, each received more than $ 1.5 million. Finally, the company’s former CEO, Pierre Shoiri, sold more than $ 23 million worth of shares. He still has more than $ 90 million left. In 2020, in connection with a conspiracy case in Quebec, Mr. Keep in mind that Shoiri was fined $ 75,000.

GDI makes its biggest acquisition

Montreal Housekeeping Specialist GDI Services Axibles announced the largest acquisition in its history this week. GDI owns an undisclosed amount of South Carolina’s IH services. Founded in 1955, IH has approximately 8,000 employees and sales of US $ 200 million. The company is active in 29 states.

See for yourself with Mr. Freeze

Laval’s Confiseries Regal has just acquired Kisco, an Ontario company known for its Mr. Freeze Popsicles. Founded in 1968 by Jamaican immigrants, Kisco has about 100 employees over the summer. Confiseries Regal is a candy manufacturer and distributor founded in 1962 in Montreal. Toronto-based Clear Spring Capital has acquired Regal in 2020 with the financial support of Investment Quebec.

Julie Godin Wend du CGI

Julie Godin, co-chair and vice president of planning at CGI’s board of directors, sold more than $ 310,000 worth of shares of the Quebec computer giant in mid-December. Mrs. Godin is the daughter of Serge Godin, the controlling shareholder of CGI.

Decreases interest in Dollarama

Archive photo, Pierre-Paul Pauline

Geoffrey Robillard, senior vice president of imports for Dollarama, sold more than $ 12 million in shares of a Montreal retailer this week. Last year, he liquidated more than $ 11 million. The dollar stock hit a new all-time high of $ 64 on December 29. Mr Robillard still owns about $ 49 million in retailers.

Stingray grows in the United States

Photo by Archives, Francis Hollin

Montreal-based Stingray announced this week its acquisition of New Jersey-based Instore Audio Network for $ 59 million. Advertising as the largest retail advertising network in the United States, InStore Audio reaches over 100,000 customers a week in over 16,000 supermarkets and drugstores. In the photo, Big Boss Eric Boyko.