July 5, 2022

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The President of Mexico signed the COVID-19 for the second time

The President of Mexico signed the COVID-19 for the second time

(Mexico City) Mexico’s president, Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced Monday that he had been infected with COVID-19 for the second time, amid criticism from rivals who called him “irresponsible” for showing it. Most mornings are public without a mask.

“I’m contaminated with COVID-19 and despite the slightest symptoms, I’m alone, I only do office work and I actually communicate,” the head of state, who received a reinforcement dose in December, tweeted.

Although he thought he was suffering from the flu, he announced at his morning press conference in a hoarse voice that he planned to be tested for coronavirus.

Often, he did not wear a mask, which attracted a lot of criticism amid thousands of reactions to announce his positive outcome.

“I hope he recovers quickly. What he did this morning to reunite with other people without masks was irresponsible. Since last week, he has been in touch with positive cases, ”said opposition MP Jorge Alvarez Menez.

“If he is seriously ill, there will be excellent doctors in his service. On the other hand, many journalists in the audience do not even have social security, ”political analyst Viri Rios shared hundreds of times in a message, calling her president” irresponsible. ”

Other messages The Mexican president wanted to recover quickly, he had already been infected with coronavirus in January 2021 and was also suffering from mild symptoms there.

Mr Lopez Obrador received the AstraZeneca vaccine last year as well as the booster dose on December 7.

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Mexico is the fifth most affected country in the world with 300,412 deaths per 4.1 million cases since March 2020, according to official figures.

After three months of calm and normal life, the infection started again with the now prevalent Omicron variant. A record number of cases were reported in Mexico on Saturday alone (more than 30,000).

The left-wing government recognized the pandemic, but refused to suspend operations as hospital admissions and deaths were under control.

The seventh most visited tourist destination in the world, Mexico keeps its borders wide open without asking for a negative test from the vaccine passport or foreign travelers.