July 5, 2022

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Laval is pushing for $ 50 million for its future Aquatic Complex

Elected officials will vote to release the $ 50 million initially allocated for waste management, which will be spent on the city’s future Aquatic Complex, which will be built near the Cosmodome between Terry-Fox Street and Highway. 15.

The project is now valued at $ 125 million, the administration of Mayor Stephen Boer said in a press release Monday. That means its estimated value today is more than double that 61 million was initially planned.

This amount is combined Quebec and Ottawa announced $ 20 million last June. This includes $ 10 million spent primarily on plans and specifications, as well as on foundations already found near the highway.

The foundations have already been laid on the site, which will usually host the future Laval Water Resources Center.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mark Verrolt

The design-build contract will be submitted to the City Council for approval in February, according to Mayor Boyer political adviser Anis Telmat. Preparatory work is expected to resume before the end of winter, with the project expected to be delivered in the summer of 2024. The contract will be paid in cash.

The costs are skyrocketing

The Aquatic Complex has been in the city box since January 2017, but the bill has increased slightly in four years.

In 2018, City had to cancel a call for tenders, receiving a bid 46% higher than the expected budget.

She took a step back to re-evaluate the case, and then came the opposition Project scope not accepted, Who likes Construction of several neighborhood swimming pools at low cost.

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Former Mayor Mark Demers administration, Last fall he announced his retirement from politics ahead of the municipal elections, The contract with the winners of the construction competition was also concluded in February 2020.

A few months later, a call was made for eligibility to restart the project. The identity of the selected company will be announced next month.

Opposition denies a Complete failure

In addition to Stephen Boyer’s Laval movement, two parties in the Municipal Council condemned the explosion in project costs on Monday evening.

The five members elected to the Action Laval‌ are theirs Today was dumbfounded by the announcement, Inducing Complete failure, management failure from the beginning.

At a time when Laval has no sports and cultural infrastructure, this waste is devastating.

A quote from David de Cotiz, District Councilor of Saint-Bruno

Claude Laurochel, interim leader of the Laval Party, has denied any wrongdoing on his part Disconnected from the needs of our citizens as mayor And I regret that the $ 50 million released on Tuesday was used to build the Aquatic Complex rather than to protect the environment.

Mayor Boyer said opposition from both parties was not enough to thwart the decision. Was elected to the Council by a strong majority in the fall.

Four years late

The future Laval Aquatic Complex is set to host the Quebec Games Final in the summer of 2020. Pandemic responsibilities, event first Postponed to July 2021 Before the cancellation last March.

The project provides for the construction of three basins: a recreation basin with a water feature; 50 meter pool; And a diving pool with a 10 meter tower. It also has a multifunctional training studio and fitness room.

The new complex will have a capacity of 875 baths and can accommodate up to 500 spectators.