July 5, 2022

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A moment is true for Legault

A moment is true for Legault

Horacio Arruda, the National Director of Public Health, has been the subject of harsh criticism, including from some columnists but also from many experts.

Well-established criticism, his decision, coming from him or the Prime Minister is wise and necessary. However, let’s refrain from rewriting history. If he had to quit, it was not for his misconceptions of 1Back Vaguely, including what was on the mask, he advised not to wear.

In March 2020, outside of Quebec, his other colleagues also dropped the same finger in the eye. His real problem is that he lags behind because science is developing so fast.

Think of his long refusal to recognize aerosols as COVID-19 transmission and his silence on ventilation. His refusal to expedite examinations. His recent views on N95 type masks are misleading. Etc.

Although a good man, his frequent wandering and often cloudy and confusing conversations unfortunately confirmed that he lacked the skills to navigate the rough waters of a long pandemic storm.

However, Franకోois Legalt had not already replaced him. By June 2020, he would not hesitate to replace Health Minister Daniel McConnell with Christian Dubey. In fact, it empowers his crisis department.

The post-Arruda era

By going into the post-Arruda period, without him suggesting, Mr. Legalt and his crisis unit faced their own truth. Without it, would pandemic management regain its strength from the second wave?

However, something other than D’s awkward excursions seems to have shaken the crisis staff.R Rs.

Any Prime Minister who has had internal polls long before those published in the media should definitely see what Mr. Legalt The latest Leger / The Canadian Press poll shows.

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Or decreased confidence in pandemic management. By August 2021 81% of respondents had dropped to 65% saying they were satisfied. In a pandemic, no other government would be hilarious at such a rate.

For Franకోois Legalt, his popularity is exceptionally strong, with the rapid loss of 16 points in his “capital of faith” serving as a serious warning to him. Will he make good use of it for the rest of the crisis?

Time will tell. At the press conference, Mr. Legalt had already begun some curves. He said in a humble tone that he understood the “murmur” of the Cubans vaccinated in the face of those who refused without medical reason.

However, it remains to be seen whether his idea of ​​”health assistance” will be fined to those who are not conspirators but who are very lonely under the guise of certain beliefs or other issues.

Trust the capital

To the opposition parties, the Prime Minister also met with them and swore that he would like to hear their suggestions. “We do not have the truth,” he added.

He, however, refused to de-politicize the post of National Public Health Director. As for the survey, it was limited to seeing the sign of citizens “fed up with the epidemic” in it and did not violate its recent management, including the inequalities of D.R Rs.

And his temporary successor? Along with Mr. Legalt and Minister Dube, dR Luc Boileau, the new recruit of the health trio, stands out from his predecessors.

Careful, he refrained from commenting on anything. So in the crisis section he will take any forests and in a pandemic, time will tell whether he has the talent in teaching needed for population support. The moral of this story? In any good Prime Minister’s office, all the columnists together, whether stars or not, declining internal polls will always have a greater impact on the choice of his tactics …

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