January 16, 2022

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O’Toole opposes Quebec’s “Vactax”

O'Toole opposes Quebec's "Vactax"

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole opposed Quebec’s proposed “vacctax” and ruled that the government should continue to promote the vaccine without “punishing” those who do not vaccinate.

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“We’m not a country that traditionally punishes or taxes people this way,” O’Toole said during a Facebook live presentation Thursday evening. “I do not like to see what we see in Quebec.”

Mr. O’Toole blamed Justin Trudeau’s government for believing that if the provinces imposed coercive measures to control the spread, the “tools” would not appear.

“It is possible for the Fifth Wave to manage the epidemic with tools such as rapid test screenings, masks, social distance and a much higher level of vaccination,” he said.

The Conservative leader last week opposed imposing too many restrictions on the Omicron variant.

He urged the government to set up “reasonable accommodation” for Canadians who still refuse to be vaccinated because their absence in some sectors of the economy would hurt them.

He believes this is especially true for truckers. They will have to be vaccinated twice by Saturday to return to Canada, risking going into detention for two weeks.

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