May 18, 2022

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Jean-Philippe Dion reveals how much it costs to postpone the Star Academy and describes his weekend adventure.

Jean-Philippe Dion reveals how much it costs to postpone the Star Academy and describes his weekend adventure.

On Saturday, we learned that three of the 19 candidates came from candidates Star Academy Kovid-19 turned out to be positive. The next day, it was announced that another singer had arrived, so the production decided to postpone the grand premiere for a week.

Naturally, while reading this news, like most people, we thought of Jean-Philippe Dion and his team, they were having a nightmare.

Passes through Tower This Monday, the producer shared his experience with Patrick Howard. ” Saturday night, I was having dinner with my boyfriend and son and the phone rang. The candidate coordinator called me and I would say: “No, no, no, no, no” and he would answer me: “Yes, there is another”. I said “Perfect”. I put my phone aside and had lunch. I realized it was my last quiet dinner before the tornado went away.

Several discussions took place before the production team decided to offer TVA to postpone everything for a week. ” For the broadcaster, it was too big. Our Big Boss, Denise Dubois, told us: “Hey guys, this is my month without alcohol, but it ends the night”. He got up, left the zoom, and returned with a glass of red wine.

In my life, I never thought of pushing the Star Academy liner “, He admitted.

In fact, the producer suggests that there is a monetary component to all of this. ” This is a million dollars “, He says.” The costs involved are enormous. I salute TVA, however, for saying, “The health of the candidates and the technical team is very important.” .

You should know that the candidates have been in Isolation‌ since the beginning of January. Jean-Philippe Dione hears regularly from young people, but he knows that morale is not at an all-time high right now. ” I think a lot about two candidates who have kids. They had not seen their babies for two weeks and they had not even touched their dream. There is a wave of love that I want to give to all the candidates He says.

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We wish the entire team all the best in these difficult and uncertain times.

Let’s remember that Jean-Philippe Dion and Alex Perron have become very hot due to the postponement on Twitter. Star Academy. Find out more here.